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This Week in Stupidity

Liam Neeson seeks out a paper boy to kill after learning his neighbor didn’t receive the Sunday Times It never ceases to amaze how stupid people can be – especially the elite people who have agents, publicists, lawyers and attendants … Continue reading

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The Ink is Black, the Page is White, Togther we Learn … Nothing

Enduring a completely unexpected blowback of opprobrium from his constituents, and, well, just about everybody else in America for his inclusion on his yearbook page of a photo of a white dude in blackface posing next to another (presumably) white … Continue reading

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Aiding and Abetting

Long-legged, bottle-blonde flamethrower Ann Coulter appeared on Bill Maher’s show the other day (towering over him in flats). She came armed with her usual acidic tongue – this time aiming venom for a guy she once wrote about in a … Continue reading

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RIP: Good Guy with a Gun

Wayne LaPierre, the cardboard executive VP of the NRA proclaimed after the heinous school shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school that “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” That … Continue reading

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False False Flag

Psycho Sayoc attends the largest inauguration since God was elected God. Hard to believe, but the asshole sending flaccid explosive devices to enemies of the right (Obama, Clinton, Biden, Maxine Waters, the sucking CNN … What? No love/hate for the … Continue reading

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The Ole Grip ‘n Grin

Trump exchanges palm sweat with Mohammad bin Shithead, chief Middle East assassin better known as MBS Saudi Arabia – our bestest friend who sells us oil at inflated prices in return for letting us defend them and their retrograde society … Continue reading

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Kill People, Not Jobs

World’s Longest Hearse Now that Brew Kavanaugh sits on the highest court in the land, Americans can expect to see their rights crimped and their styles cramped – unless their surnames are Inc. or LLC. One area that will surely … Continue reading

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Full Court Depress

Long gone are the days when presidents nominated people worthy of sitting on the Supreme Court for decades. There was a time when nominees could garner overwhelming support in the Senate because partisanship was not the name of the game … Continue reading

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The Desperate, Craven Andrew Coomo

Andrew Cuomo (pronounced derisively as “Coo-Mo” by such divergent wags as Jesse Jackson and Rush Limbaugh) will continue after November to be the governor of New York – and everyone in the Empire State will be worse for it. Cynthia … Continue reading

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Fahrenheit 12-D

Right-wingers are apoplectic over Nike’s new ad campaign featuring ex-49ers quarterback and NFL persona-non-gratis Colin Kaepernick. So incensed are they over the appearance of the traitorous Kaepernick in the new “Just Do it” campaign that they are actually burning their … Continue reading

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Trump’s War on Coal

He rubs it on his penis, too Continuing on his “god”-given mission to undo whatever Obama had done before him, Trump the other day put a stake in the moribund Clean Power Plan which called for reductions in power-plant’s usage … Continue reading

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Time to Go Back to CEO School

The new C-Suite After Martha Stewart of all people was convicted of securities fraud for insider trading, you’d think highly-paid CEOs and Board of Directors members today would tread lightly around any activity that might attract unwanted attention from the … Continue reading

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U Bum

According to one survey, Americans spend an average of about 24.4 hours per week watching live television. That number would be significantly reduced if Trump was left out of the survey group. As the so-called leader of the free world … Continue reading

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Papa Boner

I wonder how many people hear the name John Schnatter and think “now that’s Italian!” Nevertheless, the owner of that name who goes by the more familiar “Papa John” is the proprietor of the fourth largest pizza restaurant chain in … Continue reading

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Trump’s Pecker

A Pecker and a Prick walk into a bar… One way to distinguish real journalism from the phony version is whether the publisher will pay people for their stories. Real journalists don’t do that. Grocery store toilet paper like the … Continue reading

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The Brain Attached to the Mouth

In grade school, if you mentioned that you play the organ, you could expect to be queried on whether you also toot the skin flute. It’s just that way in grade school. I hearkened back to those dismal days and … Continue reading

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Musings on July 4

Confident that a Trump cock is bigger than a Hancock, the Orange Man chose July 4th to take his rightful place on the Declaration of Independence, ensuring that his Rorschach Test of a signature goes down as the hugest scribble … Continue reading

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Wharton Wants its Diploma Back

Trump in his riding garb, ready to mount his Harley – and then fuck the company that made it. Harley-Davidson, once upon a time a darling in Trump’s orbit for making iconic motorcycles in America, has now incurred the wrath … Continue reading

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Problems Solved with a Stroke of the Crayon

Let’s face it: Trump, led by the nose by his xenophobic advisers Steven Miller and Jefferson Bagins Sessions, blew it with his executive order separating children from immigrant parents seeking asylum. Yes, this kind of shit plays well with the … Continue reading

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A High-Tech Game of Leapfrog

The world’s fastest computer in 2002; it now fits in your hand where it can crush candy. In a high-tech game of leapfrog, makers of the world’s fastest supercomputers (and their countries of origin) compete to assemble the machine that … Continue reading

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