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Erie Drag Queen Makes Good

The New York Times did a puff piece on Friday about a Christmas-themed revue planned for the Laurie Beechman Theater featuring four drag queens, including the gorgeous Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (although for some reason the Times just calls her Alaska … Continue reading

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Culture Justly Scrutinized: Rice, Wilson, OPEC

Toasted Rice on the Side Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice won a pyrrhic victory this week when a judge ruled that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell improperly punished him twice for the same crime of violence against his fiancée … Continue reading

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You Must Remember This

The big news in the fine art world a couple weeks ago centered on the drubbing Sotheby’s took at the hands of midtown auction house rival Christie’s when the latter sold $853 million in contemporary art on November 12, after … Continue reading

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Enforce the Law? How About Paying For it First.

As expected the media are expending a great deal of ink, both real and virtual, on the appropriateness of Obama’s executive order to halt the deportation of millions of immigrants who reside in the U.S. illegally. Obama’s argument is that … Continue reading

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When’s it Gonna Happen?

Rev. Al Charlatan: Time to apologize The New York Times did a front page piece on the unpaid tax woes of Rev. Al Sharpton which he kind of rejected in an article the next day. But given Al’s prevarications of … Continue reading

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This Week in Big Numbers

Yes, the war so far in Iraq has cost $2 trillion, the combined unfunded pensions of the 50 states exceeds $4 trillion, and the debt of the United States sits at $17 trillion and counting, yet I submit a monetary … Continue reading

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The New Senate (Minority) Majority

Once again, in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “When are people going to learn . . . democracy doesn’t work.” In an American biennial tradition this week, a fraction of eligible voters trudged to the polls to cast votes … Continue reading

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Draining Barrels of Ink for Empty Scoops

In the summer of 2004 as the presidential race between party nominees George W. Bush and John Kerry was moving into higher gear, attention of the die-hard political whores turned toward the question of whom Kerry might choose as his … Continue reading

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Luxury Never Sleeps

The theme of this blog is “Culture Justly Scrutinized,” and nothing acts as a barometer of culture quite like the ebb and flow of luxury items. Curiously, a lot of activity has taken place in the past several days with … Continue reading

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Pablo Picasso Never Got Called an Asshole

“He was only five foot three but girls could not resist his stare – Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole.” This declaration by Jonathan Richman on the seminal 1972 album The Modern Lovers could not be more true today … Continue reading

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Have You or a Loved One Been Injured?

A staple of cable television advertising is the legal profession’s call to action for viewers suffering from the side-effects of popular drugs and common surgical procedures to rise up and get litigious. Mesothelioma has long been a stalwart malady for … Continue reading

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Fear of Flying

With another case of Ebola recently confirmed in the United States, the number of infected people on American soil jumped 50 percent to three, thus advancing the deadly disease into a full-blown epidemic. And coupled with the surprising (well, maybe … Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Ebola

ISIS is a crisis and Ebola is spreading faster than the virulent Macarena craze of 1995. According to the xenophobes who fear for the future of America, the only thing we can do now is . . . seal the … Continue reading

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Saint Derek of Jeter

Now that Derek Jeter, New York Yankees long-time short-stop and team captain, has retired from Major League Baseball, it seems a near certainty that he will achieve sainthood well ahead of Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II. For a … Continue reading

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The Wormholes Behind the Wainscoting

Everyone who has ever bought an older house has probably been shocked at one time or another by the discovery of vermin and rotted wood so well-hidden behind burled paneling, or beneath lacquered flooring. Until that point of discovery – … Continue reading

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This Week in Ingrates

Clare Booth Luce (or was it Oscar Wilde?) famously warned, “No good deed goes unpunished.” These days that seems like a tautology. Is there anyone of privilege left willing to accept the best and final offer without throwing a hissy-fit … Continue reading

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Standing On Line Behind the Human Hemorrhoid

On occasion I’ll stop at a local inconvenience store in the morning to pick up a newspaper and a cup of tea – a transaction that, once I get to the register, takes all of 20 seconds. But because this … Continue reading

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Lesson from Vietnam: 105 Degrees in the Caliphate and Rising

Rory Kennedy’s “Last Days in Vietnam,” like so many excellent historical documentaries (think “The Fog of War” and “Harlan County, USA”) clarifies context and reveals critical details that often elude the cursory treatment offered in high-school and college curricula from … Continue reading

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Execution Before Exoneration

A grade-school riddle went like this: Where does seven come before six? Answer: In the dictionary. The same riddle could be altered to ask when execution comes before exoneration, but the real answer to that unfunny joke is the United … Continue reading

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It’s Titanic in the Sky – Oh, the Humanity!

Werner Franz, the last surviving crew member of the ill-fated German dirigible Hindenberg died a couple weeks ago. Franz was a 14-year-old cabin boy working in a lower deck of the dirigible who managed to kick open a hatch Indiana-Jones … Continue reading

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