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Baselworld – Time of Your Life

Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show opens this week in Switzerland, and sadly I am not there. I love watches. The combination of artistry and mechanical precision that results in a world-class time-piece is something to admire – and pay for … Continue reading

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Death of a Hate Salesman

The 2007 documentary “The Most Hated Family in America” presented by Louis Theroux is not about the Kardashians, the Koch Brothers, the Clintons or Bushes, but rather a sociopathic clan of homophobes established by recently deceased Fred Phelps. Phelps, making … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Peter Callander

By some calculations the total number of unique five minute songs is 1.7 trillion, of which perhaps five million have been recorded. Given this vast universe of musical combinatorics, it’s understandable that thousands of horrible songs would have been pressed … Continue reading

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19 Screenwriters for Every Screenwriter

You often hear people complain about the sorry state of movies from Hollywood, an industry that is ever more dependent on revenue from a collection of bloated action blockbusters, reliable if not imaginative sequels to previously successful films, and derivative … Continue reading

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Got Egg?

One of the lesser-noticed achievements at the Academy Awards ceremony was the emergence of just the twelfth member of the EGOT club – people who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. This year Robert Lopez picked up an … Continue reading

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Is Obsession a Pre-existing Condition?

Every weekend the President of the United States delivers a radio address ostensibly to inform the nation, although I suspect the majority of those tuning in are Beltway insiders and policy wonks. The practice, which was popularized by Franklin Roosevelt … Continue reading

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Oscar Prediction Tally

My predictions for the 2014 Academy Awards were fairly accurate given the breadth and strength of the nominees (and the often unpredictable mood of voting members.) Of the major awards, I predicted Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best … Continue reading

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Sh*t My Phony Goldman Sachs Trader Says

In 2009, a small-time comedian named Justin Halpern started a Twitter feed called @shitmydadsays featuring verbatim posts of his father’s coarse observations, crude advice and utterances of suburban wisdom. For every clever quote (“That woman was sexy. . . . … Continue reading

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Obligatory Oscar Outlook

Like millions of others I have ideas on who and what will win Oscars at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony on March 2. Today (Feb 26) I’ve documented my picks for every category and will revisit them in the coming … Continue reading

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My Way or the Arizona Highway

A couple of gay dudes wanted to get married in the sovereign state of Washington about a year ago, a process that is legal there. In between lining up a caterer, hiring a limo and picking out invitation stationery, the … Continue reading

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50 Years a Slave to Vietnam

Fiftieth anniversaries of historic events tend to revive memories of those old enough to recall them, as well as stoking interest in those who may have no inkling of their importance. Last year’s anniversary of JFK’s assassination was met by … Continue reading

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The Dead Pool

Somewhere near the middle of the Academy Awards ceremony the organizers air a segment called “In Memoriam” in which a few dozen select members who have died in the previous 12 months are featured in a montage of film clips … Continue reading

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(Speaker of the) House Rules

A couple days ago the 535-member Vaudeville troupe known as “Congress” voted to raise the debt ceiling of the United States – a ridiculous process not endured by any other nation in the world except Denmark which has an almost … Continue reading

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Mad Men Showcase Stupid White Men

I infrequently watch television, but when I do I’m invariably assaulted by a truly irritating commercial for Crestor, AstraZeneca’s monster $7 billion cholesterol drug. Relying on a disturbing pattern that has become cemented across the TV commercial spectrum, the Crestor … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Odd Times Gone?

My great-aunt – born at the turn of the 20th century, a woman who might have been dubbed a “spinster” when that term still had currency – was a world-traveler and voracious reader and collector of books. After she died, … Continue reading

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Publish, then Perish?

A couple weeks ago, film director Quentin Tarantino learned from his agent that his screenplay, “The Hateful Eight” had been leaked. He rightfully threw a fit, laid down some surmised accusations (actors Bruce Dern and Michael Madsen, producer Reggie Hudlin), … Continue reading

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Dead Yet?

Every now and then, while watching TV or scanning a magazine, we come across a quasi-famous, once-notable, vaguely familiar person who has been out of the public eye for years or decades, and ask ourselves – is he or she … Continue reading

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Cards and Movies

Of all the forms of magic, I find sleight of hand to be the most entertaining and elegant. Cris Angel performs some very elaborate and mind-boggling illusions as does David Blaine, but I can’t help thinking that many of the … Continue reading

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A Taste of Bitcoins

A thing is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. My father told me this when I was about nine or ten. I had expressed amazement upon learning that a sports collector had paid $1,000 for a baseball … Continue reading

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