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NVptFcFJ and JEcKvcdT – two of my biggest fans.

Based on my experience with writing novels and screenplays, I knew that when I started this blog that it would take time and patience to build readership. These days, with barriers to publishing words, music and video all but eliminated, … Continue reading

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Some more great movie lines

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called “Let’s do a few lines” in which I offered 25 movie quotes to be added to the list of the 100 Best Movie Quotes compiled by the American Film Institute. I … Continue reading

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Which came first: the Title or the Plot?

The marketing blitz has started for the new summer movie “R.I.P.D” starring Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon (whose appearance will likely extend the “six degrees” parlor game to another 10,000 actors.) With the possible exception of some residents … Continue reading

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The oddball eyewear of architects

In my second novel, “Architect’s Rendition” the lead character and anti-hero Gerald Pfalzgraf is the owner of a boutique architecture firm catering to a rich clientele seeking fabulous residences and personal museums designed in the International Style of clean lines, … Continue reading

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Insidious consequences, indeed

A famous man once said, “While it does not, for constitutional purposes, matter whether University’s racial discrimination is benign, I note that racial engineering does in fact have insidious consequences.” Insidious consequences, indeed. That man was Clarence Thomas, and one … Continue reading

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An Imagination Deficit

I contend that “best-of” lists that are voted on or derived from the actions of ordinary people who lack subject matter expertise are specious at best. Consider the “People’s Choice Awards” or “American Idol” where rank and file Americans weigh … Continue reading

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Above the Fold Obit: The Height of Recognition

The New York Times is the gold standard of obituaries, employing a robust staff of writers and researchers to develop informative pieces on the lives and times of the famous, infamous and influential (both well-known and obscure.) Unlike the obits … Continue reading

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Let’s do a few lines

The American Film Institute (AFI) accumulates several “best of” lists, one of which is the 100 Best Movie Quotes. Compilation of such a list is a natural given the propensity of movie screenwriters to secure their immortality by delivering a … Continue reading

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The Selfishness of OIMBY

The child-like, bouncy-sounding acronym NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) represents a type of collective selfishness whereby a community uniquely affected somewhat negatively by an otherwise broadly positive initiative strives to derail said initiative on the grounds that although it … Continue reading

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Candelabra in the Behind

Prompted by a garish poster touting HBO’s imminent release of the Steven Soderburgh-directed movie “Behind the Candelabra” featuring Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and a Bichon Frisé, each decked out in cosmetics and white fur, I read Scott Thorson’s tell-all tale … Continue reading

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Gupta’s Zeros, Moffat’s Little Head

Rajat Gupta, the one-time CEO of the venerated consulting firm McKinsey who is now out on bail while he appeals his conviction in 2012 for insider trading, had “a lust for zeros” – that is to say, according to Sunday’s … Continue reading

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A Boy Named . . . Dick Trickle ?

In Johnny Cash’s classic “A Boy Named Sue” the balladeer sings the tale of the woes he was forced to endure growing up with a girl’s name (something harder to appreciate in the 21st century where members of either gender … Continue reading

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SEC: The FEMA of Finance

Right after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and surrounding towns in 2005, as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) serially fumbled every aspect of their responsibilities, and as it was revealed that FEMA administrator Michael D. “Brownie” Brown possessed no … Continue reading

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Scripts by the Numbers: “Garbage-in, Blockbuster-out”

Imagine a restaurant that serves nothing but peanut butter sandwiches. The executive chef wants to expand the menu but the owner is hesitant about putting new items on the menu that might turn away customers. Perhaps the grilled cheese sandwich … Continue reading

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A Season With Hell

I recently finished Richard Hell’s oddly-titled memoir “I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp” and came away with the impression that the author by all accounts never should have lived to celebrate his 25th birthday. A Hollywood stereotype of … Continue reading

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Cuisine Malfunction

I had the worst dining experience of my life last Tuesday at a small-bore franchise called Canz-a-Citi, a place limply striving to compete in the restaurant category dominated by Hooters – the faux sports-bar pitching greasy fried food, dozens of … Continue reading

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The Lost Week-ending

Blake Bailey has just written “Farther and Wilder,” a biography of Charles Jackson who is most famous for his first novel, “The Lost Weekend” which was made into an Academy Award-winning film (1946) of the same name, directed by Billy … Continue reading

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Would They Call Him “Lumpy” Today?

Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford died the other day at age 71, and given the man had by his own account (via his autobiography “Call Me Lumpy” ) banged more than 1,000 women, pounding a bit hard on the beaver so to … Continue reading

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Clevver: The Best Little Whorehouse in Hollywood

By the time a movie franchise reaches “part 5,” the jig is up. You know the producers have made back their initial speculative investment and are now relaxing on a sugar-sand beach somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere drinking Cachaça cocktails. … Continue reading

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A Pyramid of Books Falls Down

A Ponzi scheme is the financial industry’s equivalent of the Perpetual Motion Machine. Every physicist and engineer knows that creating a perpetual motion machine is impossible; the laws of thermodynamics preclude any device from operating indefinitely without an external source … Continue reading

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