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Read this Book, for Christ Sake

I recently finished Reza Aslan’s thoroughly fascinating and well-researched “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth,” a study not of Jesus Christ the “Son of God,” but an analysis of the life and times of an obscure man … Continue reading

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What happens in Woodstock … doesn’t actually happen in Woodstock

The original Woodstock music festival – Three Days of Peace and Music (and rain and mud and gate-crashing) – took place in the summer of 1969 on a farm owned by Max Yasgur in Bethel, NY, about 60 miles from … Continue reading

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Women in High-Tech – Take a Lesson from “Double Blind Test”

This headline about the imminent IPO of Twitter in today’s business section of the New York Times caught my attention: Curtain is Rising on a Tech Premiere With (As Usual) a Mostly Male Cast. The lead graf of the article … Continue reading

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“Nooz Loops” – Sugary taste, no nutritional value

A joke: Two morons (sidebar – it used to be OK to use an ethnic slur here, but those days are gone) are watching a breaking news report on television. It seems a desperate man is poised to jump off … Continue reading

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The Roman Conflicted Church

With so many issues conflicting the psyche of the Roman Catholic Church in America (Gay marriage, ordination of women, priests taking spouses, contraception, stem cell research, beatification of anti-Semitic popes), it’s comforting to know there is a haven where the … Continue reading

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Ghastly Casting

If the “Howard the Duck Award for Biggest Flop” existed, the odds-on favorite for 2013 would be “The Lone Ranger,” an overly-long, too-violent, ill-conceived tale based on the television show that ran from 1949 to 1957. When I first heard … Continue reading

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Snackable Films and Upset Stomachs

Last Sunday evening at the Standard Hotel rooftop bar in Manhattan’s tres trendy Meatpacking District, watching barges and water taxis ply the Hudson under a crescent moon, I came to engage in conversation with the founder of Eventologie, a boutique … Continue reading

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Parents’ basement: crucible of leadership

I’ve been an off and on listener of Howard Stern’s radio show since the mid-90s – mostly off until recently when I leased a car that came with a six month gratis subscription to Sirius/XM, Stern’s anti-terrestrial radio base that … Continue reading

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And then there was one

Russ Meyer’s 1965 “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”, a tale of three dangerous and voluptuous go-go dancers who seek treasure hidden somewhere on the desert property of a crippled geezer and his dim-witted son (cruelly named “Vegetable” in the script), is … Continue reading

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Wonderful Words

Peter Medak’s film “The Krays,” a gritty, real-life tale of infamous UK gangsters, identical twins Ronald and Reginald Kray, is a scintillating depiction of depraved criminality and marvel of lyrical dialog. The music and editing ain’t so bad either. Played … Continue reading

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Another 12 movie lines makes 50 great additions

The American Film Institute (AFI) accumulates several “best of” lists, one of which is the 100 Best Movie Quotes. I started a blog thread a while ago in which I offered 25 additional noteworthy lines, followed by a second batch … Continue reading

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“Above-the-Fold” Candidates

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the hierarchy of obituaries in the New York Times, noting that the ultimate measure of a person’s fame (or infamy) was the prominence of placement of his or her obit in … Continue reading

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“Sorcerer”: A transformational film gets a restoration

I read that William Friedkin, director of such influential 1970s films as “The French Connection” and “The Exorcist” is to receive a lifetime achievement award at the upcoming Venice International Film Festival, an honor well-deserved (he was nominated for Best … Continue reading

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NVptFcFJ and JEcKvcdT – two of my biggest fans.

Based on my experience with writing novels and screenplays, I knew that when I started this blog that it would take time and patience to build readership. These days, with barriers to publishing words, music and video all but eliminated, … Continue reading

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Some more great movie lines

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called “Let’s do a few lines” in which I offered 25 movie quotes to be added to the list of the 100 Best Movie Quotes compiled by the American Film Institute. I … Continue reading

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Which came first: the Title or the Plot?

The marketing blitz has started for the new summer movie “R.I.P.D” starring Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon (whose appearance will likely extend the “six degrees” parlor game to another 10,000 actors.) With the possible exception of some residents … Continue reading

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The oddball eyewear of architects

In my second novel, “Architect’s Rendition” the lead character and anti-hero Gerald Pfalzgraf is the owner of a boutique architecture firm catering to a rich clientele seeking fabulous residences and personal museums designed in the International Style of clean lines, … Continue reading

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Insidious consequences, indeed

A famous man once said, “While it does not, for constitutional purposes, matter whether University’s racial discrimination is benign, I note that racial engineering does in fact have insidious consequences.” Insidious consequences, indeed. That man was Clarence Thomas, and one … Continue reading

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An Imagination Deficit

I contend that “best-of” lists that are voted on or derived from the actions of ordinary people who lack subject matter expertise are specious at best. Consider the “People’s Choice Awards” or “American Idol” where rank and file Americans weigh … Continue reading

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Above the Fold Obit: The Height of Recognition

The New York Times is the gold standard of obituaries, employing a robust staff of writers and researchers to develop informative pieces on the lives and times of the famous, infamous and influential (both well-known and obscure.) Unlike the obits … Continue reading

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