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Trump’s Pecker

A Pecker and a Prick walk into a bar… One way to distinguish real journalism from the phony version is whether the publisher will pay people for their stories. Real journalists don’t do that. Grocery store toilet paper like the … Continue reading

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Showing Some Thigh

Last June, citizens of the United Kingdom shocked the Western world when they voted 52 to 48 percent to leave the European Union. Interestingly, the Scottish voted quite overwhelmingly 62 to 38 against leaving the EU, also known as “Brexit.” … Continue reading

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NSA to Wikileaks: 404 Page Not Found

By now it should be clear that Wikileaks and its slithery founder Julian Assange exist explicitly to hurt and embarrass the United States – not that the U.S. doesn’t deserve some reprobation for its decidedly covert, undemocratic actions. But the … Continue reading

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Strap Gail Collins to the Roof

Gail Collins, one of the lamer op-ed columnists for the New York Times wrote a piece the other day about Mitt Romney’s embarrassing dinner with Trump in which the former Governor and presidential candidate sucked up to the orange man … Continue reading

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Giving Good Headline

Some of my favorites: Pulitzer Prize Winner for Investigative Journalism How did they know? NY Post: Prince of the Pun But did you know the Alien killed Vince Foster? Right up there with “Dewey Defeats Truman”. Weiner: A fount of … Continue reading

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Jaw-Dropping Clickbait

Ever since content aggregators on the web began delivering links to original news reported and written by professional outlets for free, journalists and publishers have wrung their hands over the dim future of traditional newspapers. Subscribers have cancelled out, local … Continue reading

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Draining Barrels of Ink for Empty Scoops

In the summer of 2004 as the presidential race between party nominees George W. Bush and John Kerry was moving into higher gear, attention of the die-hard political whores turned toward the question of whom Kerry might choose as his … Continue reading

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Cruel, but Becoming Less Unusual

For the first time in more than 80 years, Oklahoma would execute two criminals on the same night: the dark and dreary evening of April 29. Due to some appalling incompetence, however, the state executioners only managed to get through … Continue reading

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Above the Fold Obit: The Height of Recognition

The New York Times is the gold standard of obituaries, employing a robust staff of writers and researchers to develop informative pieces on the lives and times of the famous, infamous and influential (both well-known and obscure.) Unlike the obits … Continue reading

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The Lost Week-ending

Blake Bailey has just written “Farther and Wilder,” a biography of Charles Jackson who is most famous for his first novel, “The Lost Weekend” which was made into an Academy Award-winning film (1946) of the same name, directed by Billy … Continue reading

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“Find the Fossil” – My One-time Favorite Game

I used to play a parlor game I invented called “Find the Fossil.” It was based on content in the Sunday New York Times. As soon as I got home with the newspaper, I would immediately pluck the “Styles” section … Continue reading

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