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Aiding and Abetting

Long-legged, bottle-blonde flamethrower Ann Coulter appeared on Bill Maher’s show the other day (towering over him in flats). She came armed with her usual acidic tongue – this time aiming venom for a guy she once wrote about in a … Continue reading

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“Mudbound” – A Movie Based on a Novel that Did Not Write Itself

A pretty redhead took the barstool next to me at Gigi’s Trattoria located on a main thoroughfare of Rhinebeck, a tony escape village close to an Amtrak station affording seamless getaways for wealthy New Yorkers seeking bucolic environs. She sipped … Continue reading

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Donna Brazile Serves Cheese with Grease

I rarely read post-mortem books about political campaign intrigue written by minor players. They tend to be incidental, lack durability, tend toward the mundane, and usually include a flacid “bombshell” to attract the gullible partisan. Two weeks after hitting the … Continue reading

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Those Who Can’t Do Preach

Ivanka Trump, no doubt with extensive help from one or more ghostwriters, released a new book titled “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success” – and the response has been either stellar or vicious depending on whether the reader … Continue reading

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Hungry Monster Interview

The following is a reprint of an interview conducted with Herb Schultz, author of RonnieandLennie that first appeared April 8, 2017 on The Hungry Monster. A Turbulent Time RonnieandLennie is a story about conjoined twins, set in the hippie days … Continue reading

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Hatchet Jobs Top Bestseller List

Musings of a best-selling author About a month ago, the New York Times reported on a rapidly emerging glut of books on the subject of Donald Trump, noting, “this year is shaping up to be an exceptional one in terms … Continue reading

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Bloviators and Their Dogs

Two of the most heinous and grating talk show hosts infecting the AM airwaves today are Michael (Weiner) Savage and Mark Levin. Each makes hyperbole, racism, condescension, prevarication and sudden, over-the-top rage the daily staple of their respective shows. Every … Continue reading

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NC Rednecks Legislate Doody Time

Strangely, this is still legal in North Carolina The State of North Carolina has taken a serious beating in the past week or so following the signing of a Neanderthal law that prohibits localities to enact their own anti-discrimination laws, … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Makes a Killing on “Killing”

As Black Friday encroaches, along with the associated buyer insanity, one can only imagine how many copies of Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Reagan” will get scooped up as stocking stuffers for lazy aficionados of snackable history books. O’Reilly and his co-author … Continue reading

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Barack Hussein Ebola

ISIS is a crisis and Ebola is spreading faster than the virulent Macarena craze of 1995. According to the xenophobes who fear for the future of America, the only thing we can do now is . . . seal the … Continue reading

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Outrages

A couple years ago in the tiny village of Borja, Spain, an elderly woman named Cecilia Giménez tried her hand at restoring a flaking, century-old fresco of Jesus Christ. She failed. Obviously underqualified to do a paint-by-numbers donkey, Giménez turned … Continue reading

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Maserati Toys with its Brand

Late last summer I strolled into the Maserati dealership on North Rush Street in Chicago where a fetching young woman guided me through the merchandise adorning the spotless floor. After a brief stop to ogle beautiful Ulysse Nardin watches, I … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Bezo the Clown was founded by Jeff Bezos as a book seller in the mid-1990s on the principle that revenue growth was paramount if the on-line store (then a novelty) was to compete against long-established companies like Borders, Waldenbooks and Barnes & … Continue reading

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Stubby Ears and Blood Disorders: Publisher’s Gold

Although the barriers to publishing books have fallen precipitously over the past several years with the introduction of the Amazon Kindle ecosystem and similar services from Barnes & Noble, SONY,, the largest challenges for most authors remain intact, namely … Continue reading

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Got Egg?

One of the lesser-noticed achievements at the Academy Awards ceremony was the emergence of just the twelfth member of the EGOT club – people who have won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. This year Robert Lopez picked up an … Continue reading

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Sh*t My Phony Goldman Sachs Trader Says

In 2009, a small-time comedian named Justin Halpern started a Twitter feed called @shitmydadsays featuring verbatim posts of his father’s coarse observations, crude advice and utterances of suburban wisdom. For every clever quote (“That woman was sexy. . . . … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Odd Times Gone?

My great-aunt – born at the turn of the 20th century, a woman who might have been dubbed a “spinster” when that term still had currency – was a world-traveler and voracious reader and collector of books. After she died, … Continue reading

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In a word: “Screed”

My favorite splenetic xenophobe, Lou Dobbs, has a new book out. So does former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. And like virtually every book penned by political pundits these have one-word titles. I suppose the publishers’ thinking is that a … Continue reading

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NVptFcFJ and JEcKvcdT – two of my biggest fans.

Based on my experience with writing novels and screenplays, I knew that when I started this blog that it would take time and patience to build readership. These days, with barriers to publishing words, music and video all but eliminated, … Continue reading

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An Imagination Deficit

I contend that “best-of” lists that are voted on or derived from the actions of ordinary people who lack subject matter expertise are specious at best. Consider the “People’s Choice Awards” or “American Idol” where rank and file Americans weigh … Continue reading

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