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On Broadway: China Dull

After suffering through 100 minutes of David Mamet’s latest bomb, “China Doll” starring Al Pacino through January 31st (if it makes it that far), I’ve concluded Mamet is washed up as a playwright. Maybe he was born a hack writer … Continue reading

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50 Years a Slave to Vietnam

Fiftieth anniversaries of historic events tend to revive memories of those old enough to recall them, as well as stoking interest in those who may have no inkling of their importance. Last year’s anniversary of JFK’s assassination was met by … Continue reading

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Three Minute Fiction: “Waiting for You Know”

Another NPR Three-Minute-Fiction challenge . . . another rejection. Although this time I fully expected it because I decided to abrogate the guidelines and submit an entry that I thought was clever in its own right. Some background: every so … Continue reading

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