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In Prs of Brvty

A favorite quote from a favorite mathematician, Blaise Pascal: “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” Also attributed to the likes of Mark Twain and T.S. Eliot, the seemingly paradoxical statement sums up … Continue reading

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Architect’s Rendition: A New Screenplay by Herb Schultz

EXT. FLATIRON BUILDING – NIGHT Gerald and Wren look up at the building. WREN I just love the detail. GERALD Yeah. Daniel Burnham went a little overboard on the dentils and pilasters and those things at the top that look … Continue reading

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Big Ticket Redux

A column runs every Sunday in the New York Times Real Estate section called “Big Ticket” which highlights the previous week’s highest price residential real estate transaction. More often than not, it seems the most expensive properties moving lately are … Continue reading

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Little Jimmy Scott

David Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross” is a tale of unscrupulous real estate salesmen, one of which makes a Faustian bargain that brings about his unceremonious doom. The stage play is tight: rapid-fire dialog, spare set, a mere 90 minutes in … Continue reading

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Mainframe Turns 50; Founder Rolls in Grave

This past month IBM celebrated the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the System 360 computer, the first in a long line of what would be come to be known as “mainframes.” In a move that was later called a … Continue reading

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The oddball eyewear of architects

In my second novel, “Architect’s Rendition” the lead character and anti-hero Gerald Pfalzgraf is the owner of a boutique architecture firm catering to a rich clientele seeking fabulous residences and personal museums designed in the International Style of clean lines, … Continue reading

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