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It Doesn’t Go Without Saying

Political discourse in America is atrophied, not only by ultra-partisan, tribal behavior, but also by the need for those partisans to conveniently elide key factual elements when making their chest-thumping arguments. This dishonesty is allowed to pass because much of … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Bezo the Clown was founded by Jeff Bezos as a book seller in the mid-1990s on the principle that revenue growth was paramount if the on-line store (then a novelty) was to compete against long-established companies like Borders, Waldenbooks and Barnes & … Continue reading

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A Million Bucks Says I’m Against Gambling

First we had the righteous clerics, then came the blustery Donald Trump, and now making noises is the addled Sheldon Adelson. What do they have in common? They all hate gambling – at least the kind that interferes with their … Continue reading

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Sh*t My Phony Goldman Sachs Trader Says

In 2009, a small-time comedian named Justin Halpern started a Twitter feed called @shitmydadsays featuring verbatim posts of his father’s coarse observations, crude advice and utterances of suburban wisdom. For every clever quote (“That woman was sexy. . . . … Continue reading

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A Taste of Bitcoins

A thing is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. My father told me this when I was about nine or ten. I had expressed amazement upon learning that a sports collector had paid $1,000 for a baseball … Continue reading

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Let Us Now Praise Famous Plutocrats

Every two years the people who run the vast Andrew Carnegie trust fund bestow the “Medal of Philanthropy” upon a handful of worthies, most recently last week at a hifalutin ceremony in Scotland. According to the website “The Andrew Carnegie … Continue reading

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