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The Art of Taking Offense

New York City deputy mayor Joseph Lhota wants to run for real Mayor when Michael Bloomberg finally gives up the reins after twelve years (the last four of which he got by browbeating and bribing City Council to override voter-approved … Continue reading

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How to make product placement work for you

Driving past McDonald’s today I noted a large poster displaying a decidedly ugly-looking family called the Croods, pre-historic stars of a new 3D animation from DreamWorks. Knowing that Hollywood producers of expensive 3D computer-generated animations for children don’t take a … Continue reading

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The Soulless Lepers of the Iraq War

Ten years ago on my birthday – March 19, 2003 – America invaded Iraq. Much has happened in the ensuing decade, much of it bad, but I was struck by how little was written and discussed on the big anniversary … Continue reading

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Three Minute Fiction: “Waiting for You Know”

Another NPR Three-Minute-Fiction challenge . . . another rejection. Although this time I fully expected it because I decided to abrogate the guidelines and submit an entry that I thought was clever in its own right. Some background: every so … Continue reading

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“Lazy” meets “Trite”

“Under Siege,” the 1992 action movie starring Steven Seagal has often been described succinctly as “Die Hard on a battleship.” The mash-up of another movie with a different location was once a fairly-common method to communicate an instantly understandable movie … Continue reading

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The Pointless Memoir

There are two kinds of memoirs: insightful and pointless. With the barriers to publication all but fallen away with the advent and standardization of technologies to enable self-publishing, I estimate that the pointless memoir now makes up 95 percent of … Continue reading

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“Find the Fossil” – My One-time Favorite Game

I used to play a parlor game I invented called “Find the Fossil.” It was based on content in the Sunday New York Times. As soon as I got home with the newspaper, I would immediately pluck the “Styles” section … Continue reading

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