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Cuisine Malfunction

I had the worst dining experience of my life last Tuesday at a small-bore franchise called Canz-a-Citi, a place limply striving to compete in the restaurant category dominated by Hooters – the faux sports-bar pitching greasy fried food, dozens of … Continue reading

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The Lost Week-ending

Blake Bailey has just written “Farther and Wilder,” a biography of Charles Jackson who is most famous for his first novel, “The Lost Weekend” which was made into an Academy Award-winning film (1946) of the same name, directed by Billy … Continue reading

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Would They Call Him “Lumpy” Today?

Clarence “Lumpy” Rutherford died the other day at age 71, and given the man had by his own account (via his autobiography “Call Me Lumpy” ) banged more than 1,000 women, pounding a bit hard on the beaver so to … Continue reading

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Clevver: The Best Little Whorehouse in Hollywood

By the time a movie franchise reaches “part 5,” the jig is up. You know the producers have made back their initial speculative investment and are now relaxing on a sugar-sand beach somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere drinking Cachaça cocktails. … Continue reading

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A Pyramid of Books Falls Down

A Ponzi scheme is the financial industry’s equivalent of the Perpetual Motion Machine. Every physicist and engineer knows that creating a perpetual motion machine is impossible; the laws of thermodynamics preclude any device from operating indefinitely without an external source … Continue reading

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An Actor, a Screenwriter and a Movie Critic are at the Pearly Gates . . .

An Irish Catholic, a German Jew and an American secular humanist are standing outside the gates of Heaven. I could rephrase to say an actor, a screenwriter and a movie critic are at the pearly gates, but this isn’t the … Continue reading

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A Whiff of Gross Air

This past Monday evening as I seared some yellowfin tuna and curated a saffron risotto, I listened to Terry Gross, host of NPR’s “Fresh Air” interview Mary Roach, the author of “Gulp.” It seems author Roach has “tackled the human … Continue reading

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