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The oddball eyewear of architects

In my second novel, “Architect’s Rendition” the lead character and anti-hero Gerald Pfalzgraf is the owner of a boutique architecture firm catering to a rich clientele seeking fabulous residences and personal museums designed in the International Style of clean lines, … Continue reading

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Insidious consequences, indeed

A famous man once said, “While it does not, for constitutional purposes, matter whether University’s racial discrimination is benign, I note that racial engineering does in fact have insidious consequences.” Insidious consequences, indeed. That man was Clarence Thomas, and one … Continue reading

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An Imagination Deficit

I contend that “best-of” lists that are voted on or derived from the actions of ordinary people who lack subject matter expertise are specious at best. Consider the “People’s Choice Awards” or “American Idol” where rank and file Americans weigh … Continue reading

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Above the Fold Obit: The Height of Recognition

The New York Times is the gold standard of obituaries, employing a robust staff of writers and researchers to develop informative pieces on the lives and times of the famous, infamous and influential (both well-known and obscure.) Unlike the obits … Continue reading

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Let’s do a few lines

The American Film Institute (AFI) accumulates several “best of” lists, one of which is the 100 Best Movie Quotes. Compilation of such a list is a natural given the propensity of movie screenwriters to secure their immortality by delivering a … Continue reading

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The Selfishness of OIMBY

The child-like, bouncy-sounding acronym NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) represents a type of collective selfishness whereby a community uniquely affected somewhat negatively by an otherwise broadly positive initiative strives to derail said initiative on the grounds that although it … Continue reading

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