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Politician : Asshole :: E : Mc2

Grimm’s Fairy Tale All year long New York Republican representative Michael Grimm has defended himself vigorously against corruption charges. So vigorously in fact that the statesman from Staten Island threatened on live TV to throw a reporter off a balcony … Continue reading

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A Boy and His Toy

Marco Rubio, the junior senator from Florida who has held the august office for almost four whole years, is perhaps the leading American authority on Cuba. Hell, he may even be the greatest living expert on the planet. For one … Continue reading

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Flying the Fiendish Skies

In a recent story almost too juicy to be true, the pampered daughter of the chairman of Korean Air Lines – herself a vice-president of the company and the executive in charge of in-flight hospitality – threw a hissy fit … Continue reading

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Foxcatcher in the Rye

One day in late January 1996 my mother called to tell me in a voice projecting both anxiety and relief that she had just seen a TV news report on the murder of a Coach Dave Schultz somewhere in southeast … Continue reading

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Americans Confuse the CIA with the Boy Scouts

It’s easy to understand the general public outrage directed at the CIA now that the summary Senate report has come out debunking claims the agency made about their “enhanced interrogation techniques,” but is really there anyone out there who considers … Continue reading

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Erie Drag Queen Makes Good

The New York Times did a puff piece on Friday about a Christmas-themed revue planned for the Laurie Beechman Theater featuring four drag queens, including the gorgeous Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 (although for some reason the Times just calls her Alaska … Continue reading

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Culture Justly Scrutinized: Rice, Wilson, OPEC

Toasted Rice on the Side Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice won a pyrrhic victory this week when a judge ruled that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell improperly punished him twice for the same crime of violence against his fiancée … Continue reading

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