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New York: The Vampire State

Last week’s arrest of New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon (“Smelly Shelly”) Silver served as yet another reminder that the “Vampire State” harbors the worst state legislature in the United States. Using a metric involving level of corruption [C] times … Continue reading

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Breaking the Brokers

As a harbinger of the turmoil to come in the music publishing industry, a ragtag service called Napster caught the imaginations of musicians and their fans, the record industry and not a few lawyers. A friend who was both a … Continue reading

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Not for Prophet Publication

Mohammed lights a cigarette for Jesus A dozen people in Paris were summarily executed earlier this month for the capital crime of portraying an image of the Prophet Mohammed – an offense committed by the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo … Continue reading

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Her Jaw Was Perfect

I once wrote a novel titled “Architect’s Rendition” which told the story of an avaricious architect who designs an elaborate scheme to eliminate his wealthy and manipulative wife so as to spend his life with Wren, an adoring woman half … Continue reading

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Every Silver Lining has a Cloud

A generation ago, citizens of the United States first heard about a group called “OPEC” and they didn’t like what they saw. Although it had lurched around unnoticed for a decade, by 1973 the oil cartel made up mostly of … Continue reading

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Where are the Great Golf Movies?

New York Times’s columnist Richard Sandomir yesterday published his list of his top ten favorite sports-oriented movies. Heading the list: Martin Scorsese’s “Raging Bull” – the visceral story of boxer Jake LaMotta, starring Robert DeNiro in the title role. I … Continue reading

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Alibaba’s Minister of Propaganda

Chinese internet company Alibaba is a certified giant whose September IPO raised $25 billion, valuing the firm in the neighborhood of $250 billion. Chairman and founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, has a modest vision for his company: “to build an … Continue reading

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