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In Defense of A-Rod

Exiled New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is about to rejoin his team after serving a 162 game suspension in 2014 for taking banned performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in what became known as the Biogenesis Scandal named after the now-defunct “rejuvenation” clinic. … Continue reading

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Dread Scott

Other than twisted pundits and greedy political consultants, who among us wouldn’t like to go back to the days before the primary system took hold and presidential candidates didn’t start campaigning until a few months before the election? The current … Continue reading

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Three Rounds of Sudden Death Golf – And Maybe One More?

As they say, deaths of famous people always come in “3’s”. And so it was in the professional golf community when three big figures of the sport succumbed in just the past couple weeks: Billy Casper (Feb. 7/83 years), Kel … Continue reading

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Brian Williams: Hero of the Crimean War

I’m standing behind NBC anchorman Brian Williams in his hour of tribulation. While millions excoriate the fetching TV man for stretching the truth (OK, outright lying) about being present on a U.S. Army helicopter that was struck by enemy fire … Continue reading

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Herbal Supplements: The Standard is Poor

The Attorney General’s office of New York State yesterday accused GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart of selling store brand herbal supplements like echinacea, ginseng, and St. John’s Wort which failed to contain any or all of the ingredients listed on … Continue reading

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