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This Week in Insanity

Craziness presents itself in manifest ways every day, so for most people the parade of insanity marching by blends quietly into the background noise of life’s routines. Then again, sometimes the extent of sheer shock and folly rises to a … Continue reading

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Love Letters Straight From the Heart

Forty-seven U.S. Senators – all Republicans – recently signed an open letter to leaders of Iran explaining how American government works. Clearly meant as nothing more than a public service, the letter, prepared by Senator Tom Cotton who has been … Continue reading

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People Do the Darnedest Things

Some people strive so hard to establish and maintain a certain persona for themselves or the countries they lead, only to do the darnedest things that nullify it all. Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has wanted to be the President of … Continue reading

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The Art of Destroying Art

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” George Bernard Shaw. Undeterred by opposition and strident in their belief that God wants them to commit wanton and mindless mass murder, the lunatics who comprise ISIS have used … Continue reading

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