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Just Enough Rope

There was a time once when members of certain lofty professions received unalloyed respect from the people they served: surgeons, police officers, clergy, airline pilots. The common element among these leaders was their role in protecting peoples’ lives (or souls) … Continue reading

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Exodus: Movement of the Water

News from California and the American Southwest tells of rapidly increasing angst there over the apparent long-term absence of water since serious drought visited the region four years ago. Snow cover in the Sierra Mountains, the source for much of … Continue reading

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The Financial Folly of the Death Penalty

A $12M garbage bill comes due. The trial of the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should serve as Exhibit A in the venture to eliminate the death penalty from the books – not because Tsarnaev might possibly be innocent or … Continue reading

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The Reassuring Voice of the Savage Wiener

Michael “Savage” Wiener can be found bloviating daily on a number of AM radio stations, exclusive bastion of right-wing conservative thought. Although he reaches an audience of respectable size, Savage is a second-stringer; he isn’t syndicated to the extent that … Continue reading

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