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Mathematicians on Film

John Forbes Nash died the other day along with his wife in a tragic traffic accident on the highways of New Jersey after returning to the U.S. from Norway where he accepted the Abel Prize for outstanding scientific work in … Continue reading

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Newly Discovered Mixology Tips From the New York Times

In a daring and riveting article published this week in the New York Times titled “Tonic Makes New Friends,” Robert Simonson plumbs the depths to bring readers details on previously undiscovered cocktails. Apparently, drinkers have been using tonic almost exclusively … Continue reading

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The Craven Politics Killing Amtrak

In a display of extremely bad timing, the House Appropriations Committee voted to cut funding to the Federal Railroad Administration the day after a fatal Amtrak crash took the lives of seven passengers just north of Philadelphia’s stately 30th Street … Continue reading

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Big Ticket Redux

A column runs every Sunday in the New York Times Real Estate section called “Big Ticket” which highlights the previous week’s highest price residential real estate transaction. More often than not, it seems the most expensive properties moving lately are … Continue reading

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Delusion 2016

Republicans seeking election to the Presidency in 2016 may soon outnumber the condiment varieties offered by Heinz. And although several are clearly unelectable (Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum), two in particular strike me as completely bat-shit delusional: Carly Fiorina … Continue reading

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