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Debate Exposes Over-Rehearsed Automatons

As I dressed for a night of drinking and gambling at the MGM Grand Casino, anticipating an exciting evening of currency depletion, I caught the beginning of the Republican Presidential debate on CNBC. No fan of these spectacles, I was … Continue reading

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The Weills: Petty Plutocrats Practice Penury

Joan Weill has a soft spot in her heart for tiny Paul Smith’s College nestled in the Adirondack Mountains where she and her billionaire husband Sanford often go for R&R. Although Paul Smith’s College is the only private institute of … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Age Gap Trope

When I read the New York Times obituary for Joan Leslie, screen actress from the good old days who died the other day at 90, I couldn’t help recalling the long-time Hollywood trope of romantically pairing young women with older … Continue reading

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The NIMBY Defunders of the Freedom Caucus

The so-called Freedom Caucus – a group made up of about 40 Republican congressmen – has of late wielded power all out of proportion with its numbers in the House of Representatives. With fewer than ten percent of the chamber, … Continue reading

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This Week in Irresponsible Gun Ownership

Gun ownership in the United States has long ago morphed into a religion, impervious to facts and statistics. No sense trying to fight it anymore. The NRA has become akin to such outliers as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Scientology crowd: … Continue reading

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50 Great Movie Lines not on the AFI 100

The American Film Institute (AFI) accumulates several “best of” lists, one of which is the 100 Best Movie Quotes. Compilation of such a list is a natural given the propensity of movie screenwriters to secure their immortality by delivering a … Continue reading

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