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Trump: The Art of the Eel

That Donald Trump is one slippery dude. Perfecting “the art of the eel,” Trump is the only presidential candidate who, as a matter of policy, deflects controversy by ginning up new, replacement controversy. No sooner are the pundits and talking … Continue reading

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O’Reilly Makes a Killing on “Killing”

As Black Friday encroaches, along with the associated buyer insanity, one can only imagine how many copies of Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Reagan” will get scooped up as stocking stuffers for lazy aficionados of snackable history books. O’Reilly and his co-author … Continue reading

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NYS Vampires Go After Daily Fantasy Sports

The Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman has come out strong against DraftKings and FanDuel, two operators of internet-based daily fantasy sports (DFS) games. In a letter to Nigel Eccles, CEO of FanDuel, the NYS AG called out the … Continue reading

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Analysts: The Captain Hindsights of Wall Street

Could there be anything more irritating while you’re hemorrhaging money than to be lectured ex post facto on the “obvious-to-everyone-but-you” trends and directions of stock prices by hyper-insulated, highly-compensated financial experts? Like Captain Hindsight of “South Park” fame who zooms … Continue reading

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Ahmad Chalabi Dies; Takes New Job as Concierge in Hell

“Dickhead” Ahmad Chalabi gets you the best seats to Hell’s top show, “Cirque du Saddam” No one can take greater credit for conning the United States into invading Iraq than Ahmad Chalabi, the scoundrel who twisted data, recruited expert liars … Continue reading

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