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Hollywood 2015: Franchises and Dreck

December is the month that Hollywood releases its best material in the hopes you’ll forget all about the dreck they foisted on you the other eleven months of the year. Winners like “The Big Short,” “Carol,” and “The Room” showed … Continue reading

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Thad Cockroach – King of Pork

They don’t call Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi the “King of Pork” for nothing. According to the Mississippi Conservative Daily, in the year before Congressional budget earmarks were banned in 2010, “Cochran sponsored or co-sponsored 243 earmarks for nearly half … Continue reading

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On Broadway: China Dull

After suffering through 100 minutes of David Mamet’s latest bomb, “China Doll” starring Al Pacino through January 31st (if it makes it that far), I’ve concluded Mamet is washed up as a playwright. Maybe he was born a hack writer … Continue reading

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Holly Came From Miami F-L-A

Holly Woodlawn, a transgender woman once known as Haroldo Santiago Franceschi Rodriguez Danhakl who came to New York City in the gritty 1960s by way of the Catskills and Miami Beach, died from cancer last Sunday at age 69. After … Continue reading

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Martin Shkreli: Smug Face of Wanton Greed

To label Martin Shkreli a douche-bag would be an affront – to douche-bags. Shkreli is the supposed wunderkind who founded the drug company Turing Pharmaceuticals earlier this year with a business model for buying up rights to older, specialty medicines … Continue reading

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Pfuck Pfizer

Pfizer, the $207 billion pharmaceutical firm responsible for everything from Advil to Viagra to Zoloft with hundreds of wonder drugs in between, announced its intention to merge with Allergan, another behemoth in the industry. Allergan, which started in 1948 in … Continue reading

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