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The Logic Behind the Trexit

You’ve heard of the Grexit: Greece’s exit from the EuroZone. You’ve read about the Brexit: Britain’s exit from the European Union. Now, allow Major Terata to introduce the Trexit: Trump’s exit from the GOP presidential nominating race. Last summer, I … Continue reading

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For Best Film … the Dictionary, Please

Eight films have been nominated for Best Picture at this year’s 88th Academy Awards. A top contender to take the Oscar this coming Sunday is The Revenant, an adventure tale that takes place in the badlands of the Dakotas in … Continue reading

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Opioid Induced Constipation – the Invisible Killer

With regularity the pharmaceutical industry pumps out one after the other miracle drug to address a problem no one knew they had. A-Fib, psoriatic arthritis (Phil Mickelson disease), dry eye syndrome – big pharma has taken notice. And now through … Continue reading

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Scalia Ducks Out

During a hunting expedition in Texas this week Antonin Scalia croaked at age 79, leaving a big hole in the Supreme Court. Depending on your point of view, Scalia was either a beacon of judicial brilliance or a piece of … Continue reading

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O Christie, Where Art Thou?

Portly Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and hopelessly deluded presidential candidate, bashed Marco Rubio at the recent Republican debate for being inexperienced and overly scripted. To drive the point home and pimp his own cred in the process, Christie … Continue reading

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Iowans – Step to the Rear

Change the nominating process, keep candidates from deep-throating corn-dogs Once again, a couple hundred thousand mostly white, mostly conservative, mostly religious caucus-goers in tiny, rural Iowa cast votes and steered the 2016 election all out of proportion with their place … Continue reading

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