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Jaw-Dropping Clickbait

Ever since content aggregators on the web began delivering links to original news reported and written by professional outlets for free, journalists and publishers have wrung their hands over the dim future of traditional newspapers. Subscribers have cancelled out, local … Continue reading

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Architect’s Rendition: A New Screenplay by Herb Schultz

EXT. FLATIRON BUILDING – NIGHT Gerald and Wren look up at the building. WREN I just love the detail. GERALD Yeah. Daniel Burnham went a little overboard on the dentils and pilasters and those things at the top that look … Continue reading

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NC Rednecks Legislate Doody Time

Strangely, this is still legal in North Carolina The State of North Carolina has taken a serious beating in the past week or so following the signing of a Neanderthal law that prohibits localities to enact their own anti-discrimination laws, … Continue reading

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Norman Agonistes

Thirty years ago this week at Augusta National Golf Club, Jack Nicklaus pulled off an improbable upset over several top professional golfers to win his sixth Masters tournament and his record 18th major tournament at the “advanced” age of 46. … Continue reading

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This Week in Unintended Consequences

No word modifies “consequences” quite like “unintended.” When a strategy is comprehensive and the associated plan is executed well, people talk about results and outcomes. If people are talking about consequences, then they’re probably unintended. Government Proves Apple is Mortal … Continue reading

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