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Where No Man Has Gone Down Before

And you wondered how Kirk got the ladies… I find it hard to believe – maybe even a trifle troubling – but it was 50 years ago that the first TV episode of “Star Trek” aired. Although the original series … Continue reading

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The French Conniption

Every so often, an organization of authority declares a policy that is immediately understood to be ludicrous. The backlash is universally scathing and completely predictable. Happens often in business, but is more prevalent in government where clueless bureaucrats and feckless … Continue reading

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Rigged and Disgusting: Trump’s Exit Ramps

When a candidate for public office starts raising the specter of a “rigged” election it usually means that candidate has resigned to the reality that he’s going to lose. Raising a thread-worn Republican argument, Donald Trump said recently, “The only … Continue reading

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Hatchet Jobs Top Bestseller List

Musings of a best-selling author About a month ago, the New York Times reported on a rapidly emerging glut of books on the subject of Donald Trump, noting, “this year is shaping up to be an exceptional one in terms … Continue reading

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TRUMP: The Rigged Unfair Media Pile-on

Fox News of all outlets took Donald Trump to task for predicting that the upcoming presidential election is doomed to be rigged. Julie Roginsky noted, “Never in modern history has the loser of a presidential election challenged the legitimacy of … Continue reading

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