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Giving Good Headline

Some of my favorites: Pulitzer Prize Winner for Investigative Journalism How did they know? NY Post: Prince of the Pun But did you know the Alien killed Vince Foster? Right up there with “Dewey Defeats Truman”. Weiner: A fount of … Continue reading

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Error on Terror

Warning! Probably not terror! Eerily similar to the terrorist incident during the Boston Marathon in 2013, a bomb hidden in a garbage can along the route of a 5K foot race in Seaside Park, NJ exploded – thankfully without injuring … Continue reading

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Clinton Campaign: Basket Case

There’s a scene in “All the President’s Men” in which inside-scooper Deep Throat angrily chastises Bob Woodward for blowing a story. Deep Throat: [angry tone] You let Haldeman slip away. Bob Woodward: Yes. Deep Throat: You’ve done worse than let … Continue reading

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Feel the Johnson

Asked about what he would do as president with regard to the ongoing tragedy in Aleppo, Syria, Libertarian candidate and lightweight moron Gary Johnson asked, “What is Aleppo?” Incredulous questioner Mike Barnicle could only respond “You’re kidding.” Maybe Gary thought … Continue reading

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A Cavalcade of Summer Disappointments

A front page article in Monday’s New York Times addressed the failures of Hollywood’s 2016 summer of “megahits, superflops and little else,” suggesting that some Tinseltown moguls would like to blame lackluster box-office on movie-goers. Supposedly, according to Hollywood execs … Continue reading

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