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Mandates and Penalties

Oops – wrong mandate. In the mid-1970s an electric power utility sent a couple representatives to my college campus as part of a campaign to explain the company‚Äôs plans to build a plant on the shores of Lake Erie upwind … Continue reading

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Cuomo’s Egregious Nuke Calculus

The life of a person living in Westchester County is worth more than that of someone in far Upstate New York. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, lives in Westchester and he believes that fully. Indian Point nuclear plant, commissioned … Continue reading

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President Pussy Grabber

Politics in America are an upside-down affair where the damage from a scandal is inversely proportional to the significance of the office being contended. Today, sleazy behavior and lewd chit-chat that might bring down the candidacy of someone running for … Continue reading

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Trump’s Genius Revealed 916 Million Times

Only in a demented corner of America could a man who led his company to a $916 million loss be held up as an exemplar of business acumen. As the New York Times breathlessly reported over the weekend, Donald Trump … Continue reading

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