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They Left Their Spleens in San Francisco

A straight news story reporting on a poorly designed and potentially dangerous high-rise building in San Francisco garnered several hundred comments, but not many pertained to the actual topic of the article. You might expect to read observations about the … Continue reading

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Recount Blues for the Orange Man

Are you ready for more of this? Jill Stein and her Green group want to force a recount of the votes cast in Wisconsin, Michigan and maybe Pennsylvania where the gap separating Clinton and Trump is miniscule. And after a … Continue reading

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It Ain’t Broke, but Trump Will Fix It

President-erect Trump is off to a great start saving American jobs. As he informed his millions of Twitter followers, Trump read the riot act to Ford Motor Company about their plans to move a manufacturing plant from Kentucky to Mexico. … Continue reading

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Promises, Promises

It’s been estimated that the cost to completely deport an immigrant living illegally in the U.S. is about $40,000 per person. There are the costs to fund the enforcement teams who are needed to smoke out the infiltrators and run … Continue reading

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First, Kill all the Pollsters

What’s wrong with this picture? For months, professional polling companies have offered daily prognostications of voter preferences cut by age, gender, race, education level, occupation, shoe size, you name it. Every day a new poll would be published that seemed … Continue reading

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With Voters Like These…

Trump in his own sassy words. No matter what happens tomorrow, Trump will at least get votes from these schnooks: “Little Marco” Rubio who once said, “we have a frontrunner, in my party, who has fed into language that basically … Continue reading

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Friend Needs a Kidney

After 52 years of having type 1 diabetes, Cameron Ochiltree now needs a kidney transplant.  The waiting list is 7-10 years and if he gets a living donor he can avoid going on dialysis. If you or someone you know … Continue reading

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