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Papa Boner

I wonder how many people hear the name John Schnatter and think “now that’s Italian!” Nevertheless, the owner of that name who goes by the more familiar “Papa John” is the proprietor of the fourth largest pizza restaurant chain in … Continue reading

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Trump’s Pecker

A Pecker and a Prick walk into a bar… One way to distinguish real journalism from the phony version is whether the publisher will pay people for their stories. Real journalists don’t do that. Grocery store toilet paper like the … Continue reading

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The Brain Attached to the Mouth

In grade school, if you mentioned that you play the organ, you could expect to be queried on whether you also toot the skin flute. It’s just that way in grade school. I hearkened back to those dismal days and … Continue reading

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Musings on July 4

Confident that a Trump cock is bigger than a Hancock, the Orange Man chose July 4th to take his rightful place on the Declaration of Independence, ensuring that his Rorschach Test of a signature goes down as the hugest scribble … Continue reading

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Wharton Wants its Diploma Back

Trump in his riding garb, ready to mount his Harley – and then fuck the company that made it. Harley-Davidson, once upon a time a darling in Trump’s orbit for making iconic motorcycles in America, has now incurred the wrath … Continue reading

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