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False False Flag

Psycho Sayoc attends the largest inauguration since God was elected God. Hard to believe, but the asshole sending flaccid explosive devices to enemies of the right (Obama, Clinton, Biden, Maxine Waters, the sucking CNN … What? No love/hate for the … Continue reading

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The Ole Grip ‘n Grin

Trump exchanges palm sweat with Mohammad bin Shithead, chief Middle East assassin better known as MBS Saudi Arabia – our bestest friend who sells us oil at inflated prices in return for letting us defend them and their retrograde society … Continue reading

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Kill People, Not Jobs

World’s Longest Hearse Now that Brew Kavanaugh sits on the highest court in the land, Americans can expect to see their rights crimped and their styles cramped – unless their surnames are Inc. or LLC. One area that will surely … Continue reading

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