TRUMP: The Rigged Unfair Media Pile-on

text1Fox News of all outlets took Donald Trump to task for predicting that the upcoming presidential election is doomed to be rigged.

Julie Roginsky noted, “Never in modern history has the loser of a presidential election challenged the legitimacy of our national elections. Even in these times of unprecedented partisan rancor, candidates have put partisanship aside in the interest of patriotism and national unity. This week, Donald Trump changed all that.”

Needless to say, the comment section of Roginsky’s piece was littered with apoplectic Trump supporters who took grammatically incorrect exception to the opinion. A typical entry came from bobbyg1940: “When did Fox become the mouth piece for Clinton your news is as slanted as CNN J Rodinsky should get a job with MSNBC These slim bag reporters will twist the news to there own liberal adgendas.”

Anyway, Trump whined to Sean Hannity on his radio program, “I’m telling you, November 8th, we’d better be careful, because that election is going to be rigged. And I hope the Republicans are watching closely or it’s going to be taken away from us.”

Of course, it’s rigged only if Trump loses; otherwise the election will be as pure as the driven snow. It reminds me of the classic scene in Citizen Kane following newspaper publisher Charles Foster Kane’s loss in an election. Kane’s editors print up two front page layouts – one if he wins and one if he loses.
Watch the action unfold:

The man is constantly the victim of being “treated unfairly” – just ask him. Among the perpetrators are Megyn Kelly at a televised debate, The Khan family during and after the DNC, Judge Gonzalo Curiel who is overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University, any theoretical Muslim judge, the Republican Party, and of course the all-encompassing “media.”

I wonder if Trump thinks the Selective Service which granted him five deferments allowing him to avoid conflict in Viet Nam treated him unfairly.

Full Frontal First Lady


Salacious and sexy photos from the mid-1990s of Melania Trump nee. Knauss surfaced this week. And all I can say is, about time. No way would a striking model from the Eastern Bloc in the post Cold War period not have posed at least a few times in the buff… and even participated in Sapphic poses insisted upon by a lecherous photog.

The response seemed to be mostly muted – as it should be. Who cares? Melania is not hard on the eyes.

Besides, she’s not the first future first lady to bare the assets. Consider these Red Hot women of the White House:


And of course the Roosevelts of Hyde (the salami) Park – nuff said.


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