Recount Blues for the Orange Man

Are you ready for more of this?

Jill Stein and her Green group want to force a recount of the votes cast in Wisconsin, Michigan and maybe Pennsylvania where the gap separating Clinton and Trump is miniscule. And after a short period of vacillation the Clinton camp is on board with the effort. It should be noted that this Green-funded effort is completely within the bounds of legality. Furthermore the pursuit of truth would seem inviolable.

Still, the Trumpists have their panties in a bunch over the rude recount, arguing that the outcome was settled on November 8 when Trump crossed the threshold of 270 electoral votes (and by winning proved the election wasn’t rigged after all.) As expected, Trump called the pursuit of a recount a “scam,” but as an expert on scams, he should know better. Funding a recount when the margin of victory is infinitesimal may cause angst for the person facing a potential reversal, but it is certainly not a scam.

If an NFL coach exercised his option to question a call and demanded a review of the tape, would anyone call that a scam? If the referee’s ruling was found to be wrong, could anyone seriously argue that it shouldn’t be reversed? You know damn well that if Hillary Clinton had eked out a victory in a couple states by a few thousand votes and in the process had iced the Electoral College, Trump would be scorching the earth for a recount. Not even debatable. He’d be crying and tweeting “rigged” 24×7.

Trump spokespeople are also impugning Clinton for her lack of gratitude after His Benevolence decided to give Hillary a break and not lock her up after all.

In any event, if the Trump people are so absolutely certain the orange man won the states, what harm could come of a recount which should do nothing more than amplify the outcome.

So, let the Greenies pay for a recount and enjoy the pant-wetting drama that ensues.

Ivanka Sells her Sole

Fashionista cum presidential advisor Ivanka Trump is in some hot water for allegedly copying designs of the Italian shoe company Aquazzura. Look at the side-by-sides of three shoe styles from Trump and Aquazzura and decide for yourself if coincidence has played a part in the row. Can you tell which is a Trump product and which is the pricier Italian original?


Aquazzura, after complaining without success, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ivanka’s brand. Why do I think this will somehow be spun into a lesson on how Trumps always win?

(Answers: Top to bottom, Trump shoe on the left, right, right.)

Castro Above the Fold

Fidel Castro died this weekend, and Major Terata correctly called the New York Times coverage: an above-the-fold obit appeared in Sunday’s print edition.


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