They Left Their Spleens in San Francisco

sfbridgeA straight news story reporting on a poorly designed and potentially dangerous high-rise building in San Francisco garnered several hundred comments, but not many pertained to the actual topic of the article. You might expect to read observations about the looming danger and how the city should plan to deal with it. Or maybe some caustic remarks about the hubris of building developers and smug architects. You might even hope beyond hope that a few comments would come in from learned engineers with suggestions for approaching and ultimately solving the problem.

Instead, this patently non-partisan story about a dodgy building instigated a maelstrom of insanity from what would appear to be bigoted nitwits in flyover country. It’s the stuff of ignorant assholes who probably fancy themselves god-fearing Christians but who sound more like their own parodies of jihadist Islamists who would call upon Allah to inflict painful death upon their enemies.

Below is a sampling of the responses which capture the spirit of a good deal of the commentary (or should I say dysentery.)

Who could blame Californians – who pay way more in taxes than they get back in federal spending so that underachievers in red states can rake in their handouts and subsidies – for wanting to bolt the union?

Can someone please make sure Nancy Pelosi is on the downside when it falls?

If we’re lucky … That whole stinking city will fall into the ocean, and drag the rest of that stinking state along with it…

Libtards say it’s not sinking it’s actually the ground around it rising. They’re calling it Global Elevation Change and a few new taxes are needed to fix the problem before it’s too late.

Engineers say it’s an inch a year, sat data says 1.6 to 1.8 inches a year so the liberals are making petitions demanding a recount.

City full of Perversion and crime and corruption – Let the whole city sink. California sucks. Take it from someone who lives here.

hopefully that entire wasteland of a city will sink right to the bottom of the pacific and take all those illegals with it.

Lets all pray the entire cesspool state of California sinks into the Pacific. Good riddance to bad rubbish !!

Cave Cave Deus Videt
Rent the side that isn’t leaning to Rosie O blabber mouth, it will be level in a heart beat.

It’s San Francisco — just play music from the Village People around the block nice and loud. That will keep the tower erect.

It might be because San Franmexico has had a sudden explosion of feral gerbils and they are tunneling to escape the passions of the you know whos.

I hope Hillary is under there somewhere! Bye fatty

There’s still hope the rest Of SF will sink as well. I hope polousi / feinstain is there when it happens & takes a lot of illegals w/ them .

Complicated Simpleton
Sanctuary cities get what they deserve!

Who cares really, it’s those super rich that lives there anyway.

I hope it falls down on thousands of liberals…


Sinking as fast as the left wing morons that rule the city….can’t wait for the ” Big One ” to hit and clean out that Sodom & Gomorrah…

The World Trade Center buildings in NYC came straight down. I always thought it would be more exciting to watch a tall building tip over towards the side.

Lock Up the VFW!

Along with torturing alleged terrorists, flag burning is undoubtedly be the most important issue on the minds of the out-of-work, blue-collar, financially struggling white class – and Trump is gonna take it on in his crusade to make America great again.




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