The Easter Charade

“On the Avenue….Fifth Avenue…”

Ever since Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and with the help of a bunny rabbit saw his own shadow thus predicting 2,000 more years of Christianity, followers have celebrated the event by hiding and seeking brightly painted eggs. The tradition of rolling Easter eggs across the lawn became a staple at the White House starting in 1878 after Ulysses S. Grant signed a law banning such activity at the Capitol grounds.

The tradition continued this past Sunday at the Trump White House (no, not Mar-a-Lago – the other one.) Here are some of the highlights.

Trump kicks off the festivities by nominating his new head of the National Science Foundation.

Trump starts the race to see which foreign kid will be first to run back across the border.

A lucky girl finds the one-of-a-kind Tiffany egg.

Trump thinks he found two hidden ostrich eggs.

Spicer and Kim Jong-un debate who walked on water better – Jesus or Dear Leader.

Melania hides an egg where no one will find it.

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