Integrity Steps Aside for Trump

coatBefore Trump acquired the fabled Mar-a-Lago from breakfast cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post, the compound gates sported the coat of arms of Joseph Edward Davies, Marjorie’s third husband. In 1939 the powers that be in Britain granted Davies the heraldic symbol which features a fist holding an arrow atop a shield of three lions and two chevrons. Below the shield is a ribbon upon which the word “Integritas” – Latin for integrity – appears boldly.

After Trump came along, he saw to it that the places in and around Mar-a-Lago would continue to showcase Davies’s coat of arms with one small alteration: the word “Integritas” would be replaced with “Trump.” This makes sense as Trump must mark everything he owns (or borrows) with his moniker. In with Trump and out with Integrity – is there a better metaphor for the man’s intrusion into America’s business?

It’s fair to say Davies’s heirs and rightful owners of the coat of arms are upset by Trump’s confiscation of the family’s symbol. It’s a moral and probably legal offense. Some heirs want to sue, but at least one elder advises against it; not that there’s insufficient case, but as he notes about Trump, “I knew him and the way he operates. And the way he operates, you don’t sue Trump, because you’ll be in court for years and years and years.”

Integritas indeed.

You can read more about this typically Trumpian theft in the New York Times.

But if you thought Mr. Orange would stop there, you haven’t seen the FBI’s new seal.


Where will Tiger Woods Strike Next?

First we have this stunning headline:


Then just a few hours later, this shocker:


What’s next, Tiger drops a deuce in the 18th hole at Trump National?

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