Where’s Alex Jones on Alexandria?

Okay, but what about the baseball shooting hoax?

Should we expect Alex Jones and his conspiracy website Infowars to call bullshit on the recent alleged shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia last week? The one in which a person supposedly from Illinois whose name is said to be James Hodgkinson might have opened fire on Congressmen and aides with what might or might not have been an assault rifle and/or a semi-automatic pistol?

After all, the whole episode parallels the so-called Sandy Hook massacre in which 20 children and six staff members were supposedly mowed down in 2012 by a whacked out dude code-named Adam Lanza. After Sandy Hook, Infowars and like-minded patriots called into question the validity of the attack, claiming it was a staged event by anti-gun zealots looking to gin up sympathy for shredding the Second Amendment.

Proceeding with careful analysis, Infowars’ grand pooh-bah Jones said in 2014, “I’ve looked at it and undoubtedly there’s a cover-up, there’s actors, they’re manipulating, they’ve been caught lying, and they were pre-planning before it and rolled out with it.”

Might not the same be said about the baseball assault? Wouldn’t it be consistent in the eyes of Infowars followers for anti-gun nuts to stage an attack on Representative Steve Scalise, Republican Whip, and others in his entourage so as to foster support for stricter gun laws, or worse, total confiscation of all firearms?

Think about it. Have you seen any pictures of anyone shot at the ball-field besides Scalise? Where are these people? And what about Scalise’s alleged gunshot wound? A bullet to the hip and he’s in grave danger of losing his life!? Never in the history of Westerns and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies has anyone croaked from a shot to the hip.

Are people really supposed to believe that the “cop” shown in this clip throwing out the first pitch of the eventual ballgame between R’s and D’s was struck by a bullet from a deranged middle aged white guy? He seems fine enough to cast aside the prop crutches and hurl a fast ball down the middle.

And why were the Capitol police at a practice scrimmage on a weekend? Obviously they knew in advance about the plan and were poised to take in Democrat stooge Hodgkinson before he could rat about the conspiracy.

Finally, you can rearrange the letters in “Hodgkinson” to spell “Kinghoods.” More than anything else, that constitutes compelling and irrefutable proof that the shooting was a hoax.

Major Terata will continue to monitor the situation closely for ties between Scalise, Hodgkinson and the pizza joint that fronts for John Podesta’s pedophile ring.

Kalanick Takes a Hike

Uber Ex-CEO Travis Kalanick counsels a driver on how to be a more effective asshole.

Uber founder Travis Kalanick has finally resigned his position as company CEO just a few days after saying he would take a short sabbatical from the job. After upsetting the moribund taxi industry with a slick app that connects people seeking rides with drivers seeking to give rides, Kalanick presided over a steady compendium of foolish errors that blemished Uber’s image – but hasn’t dented the company’s valuation (yet). These include sexual harassment, price-gouging customers during times of panic, hosting phony versions of their app to elude local laws, bait-n-switching drivers by lowering their take per ride, prying into the privacy of a rider who was raped by an Uber driver, deploying an app called “Hell” to track rival Lyft drivers.

Uber is a living case study of all that can be morally wrong with a company.

But as we blogged in July 2015, the biggest affront to society that Uber might inflict is the exploitation of its massive database of rider behavior. Uber knows an awful lot about where their customers come from and where they go, when they go, how long they stay, how often they visit a destination, when they deviate from a pattern of travel. All of this info poses a tremendous opportunity for Uber to fuck with people’s lives in ways small and large.

Advertisers crave access to the data so as to offer deals based on where people go. Law enforcement wants rider data to make cases and solve crimes.

And most concerning are governments that want access to the data so as to monitor behavior, predict unrest and clamp down on the populace. In early June, it was reported that the Egyptian government asked Uber for access to Uber’s live ride tracking tool known internally as “Heaven.” (Sidebar: Tools called Heaven and Hell – Is Kalanick a Dante fanboy?)

Supposedly Uber declined, so the Egyptian apparatchiks offered preferential treatment to a local rival called Careem who also supposedly declined. Egypt’s police state must have gotten a boner thinking about how they could predict the time and location of protests and shut down ride-hailing services to thwart transportation options to the protest sites.

As Uber strives for world domination, they will undoubtedly face greater pressure from governments (including the U.S.’s NSA) to share live and archived data on riders. Odds are, they’ll buckle.

Kalanick’s resignation will be met positively by investors, but the genie is already out of the bottle. Things are destined to get worse with Uber – only now the damage will be under the radar instead of on TMZ.

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