A Lesson from 1996 ALCS

This is the form of a closer?

New York Yankees fans of a certain age will no doubt remember a strange game late in the 1996 season when the Bronx Bombers met up with the Baltimore Orioles for the first game of the ALCS. With the Orioles up 4 to 3, Derek Jeter hit a solid shot into deep right field – solid, but not quite enough to clear the fence. Just before the ball plopped into the glove of Oriole Tony Tarasco for a certain out, a young Yankees fan named Jeffrey Maier reached out and snagged it away. (Sidebar: the glove that Maier used to catch the ball went for $22K at auction.)

Incredibly, fan interference was ruled by officials to be a home run for Jeter thus tying the game; the Yankees went on to win the game 5 to 4, and the series 4 to 1.

It’s clear from every angle that the ball did not or would not have cleared the fence, and that Master Maier interfered.

But despite indisputable evidence the Yankees benefitted from a phenomenally horrible call by the umpire standing mere feet from the play, Yankee fans – instead of maintaining some semblance of restraint over the tainted outcome – celebrated Maier and his interference.

The New York Post called him the “Angel in the Outfield” as though God approved of the Yankees ill-gotten victory. Maier was feted all over town as a hero.


I bring up this episode because it serves as an illustration of how people willfully ignore any and all evidence that their chosen team succeeded unfairly. And that no amount of protestation by opponents can penetrate the obstinance. I’m sure every legitimate complaint levied against Yankee fans by Oriole fans was swatted away as “fake news.”

This is a lesson that the anti-Trump crusaders have to reckon with. As evidence mounts daily of collusion with Russian players to influence the election, Dems and lefties hold out hope that the Trump base will finally cave to reality and admit their guy cheated his way into the Oval Office. They’ll say they’re beating the story to death because the whole sordid affair was an egregious assault on American democracy (which it was) – but in fact, the bigger objective is to wipe the smirk off the faces of “the deplorables.” They can’t wait for the day when the Yankees admit they should have lost to the Orioles that late summer day in 1996.

It will never happen.

Trump could be impeached, Kushner and dim Don Jr. could be imprisoned, Melania could go public on the heartbreak and shame of E.D. – and the base wouldn’t flinch. Trump will always be a business genius. He’ll always be the greatest deal maker of all time. Every American will beg not to win so much because of Trump’s terrific agenda.

Give it up Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon. Put a sock in it Rachel Maddow. Stop being so dramatic Joe (I used to be a Rep) Scarborough. Your quests to get the Trump base to show humility, eat crow, admit mistakes, beg forgiveness are, well… have you heard about a $22K baseball glove once owned by a 12-year old?

Just Look Out Your Fucking Window!


I received a letter in the mail from Lawn Doctor the other day advising how to manage my lawn during the dry conditions of the current drought – which begs this question: at what medical school did Dr. Lawn do his internship, Trump University?

It has rained just about every day in the Northeast since precipitation stopped being solid in April.

Central Park is experiencing a bull market in rain this year.

Memo to Lawn Doctor: stop sending boilerplate memos and start crafting some missives that I can use – like how to cultivate cranberries in my back yard that is now a bog.

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