Coulter Suffers in Coach

Obviously she’s never heard of Spirit Air

Given the rancid reputation for customer dissatisfaction the American airline industry has cultivated over the past years and months, it’s hard to imagine how an aggrieved passenger could actually generate sympathy for one of the big companies flying the unfriendly skies. But leave it to right wing wench (say that three times fast!) Ann Coulter to upset the dynamic and allow a company like Delta to grab the moral high ground.

Apparently big time TV personality and author of such rabidly anti-liberal one-word megahits as Godless, Mugged, Treason, Guilty, Demonic, Slander and the hilariously titled In Trump we Trust was requested by Delta’s in flight service personnel to relinquish her seat – in the coach (!) section that the millionaire personality had paid an extra whole $30 to secure. No doubt she foolishly believed the extra 3 inches of legroom was worth the risk of succumbing to on-board Gestapo tactics from Delta’s SS storm troopers – as well as the added responsibility of having to open the emergency door in case the plane from New York to West Palm Beach pulled a Sully and belly-flopped into the Atlantic Ocean.

If Delta hired Stasi agents, Coulter would have been dismembered and stowed in an overhead bin

According to Delta, “Coulter originally booked seat 15F, which is located by the window in an exit row, however; within 24 hours of the flight’s departure, the customer changed to seat 15D, which is by the aisle. At the time of boarding, Delta inadvertently moved Coulter to 15A, a window seat, when working to accommodate several passengers with seating requests.”

That explanation seems to describe a situation just a trifle less fascist than the episode in which United Airlines bloodied a passenger in its effort to remove him from his fully-paid seat so a flight attendant could deadhead in his place. Still, Coulter had reason to be pissed. After all, as Ann explained she had consumed $10,000 worth of her own time to research and book the precise seat meeting her needs. . . in coach.


Somehow that complaint seems disingenuous. She spent $10k worth of Coulter-time to optimize her experience in coach, when less than $1,000 would have secured a cushy seat in first class?

Are we to believe that Coulter can’t afford to take Netjets, or hop aboard a chartered plane, or even pay to get into first class and avoid all the bullshit? She’s bitching over being denied the perks that $30 buys on a run-of-the-mill airline? Are her books selling so poorly that she must slum with the rest of the “deplorables” heading to muggy, soulless Florida with pockets stuffed full of Golden Corral coupons?

In retrospect, it’s hard to feel pity for Miss Coulter. After all she could have taken her own advice from 2013 and flown an alternate airline to West Palm Beach where a certain Orange-tinged creature might have awaited her services.


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