Trump Family Thesaurus

In the face of the war on oil, Trump’s children promote wearable petroleum products.

Trump’s children have played an outsized role in government while continuing to reap personal & financial benefits in a clear cauldron of conflicts of interest. However, their collective bad behavior is not homogeneous (that would put them on the wrong side of the Trump base that abhors homo-anything.)

As it turns out their various forms of ill-gotten gains are rather complex in nature making it difficult for some to accurately describe their abhorrent characteristics. In response, we at Major Terata offer this two-dimensional thesaurus to press contributors and bloggers seeking just the right adjective to describe the moral turpitude.


This Week in ‘That’s Rich’

Trump tweeted this missive the other day:


What about a president who refuses to give information on his tax returns? Is it fair to ask “what is he trying to hide?”

End Note: Rexit

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wipes his face during the delegation photo with leaders from Global Coalition working to Defeat ISIS at the State Department in Washington, U.S., March 22, 2017.      REUTERS/Joshua Roberts - RTX3286X

Clearly unhinged, Trump is reverting to his Apprentice persona – a 1980s master-of-the-universe parody ready to fire anyone who fails to please his highness. At this moment Attorney General and honorary Hobbit Jeff (Dildo Baggins) Sessions is vulnerable to a thumbs down from Emperor Trump because he recused himself from an investigation in which he had a potential conflict – thus betraying his master.

Sessions in definitely a dead man walking.

But what about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, another of Trump’s ill-conceived appointments? Might he also be on the short list for extermination?

If so, the lead up to his forced departure will always be remembered as “Rexit.” So poetic.

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