Lord of the Lies

lordCNN booted Trump shill Jeffrey Lord from its AC360 program hosted by Anderson Cooper for tweeting the infamous Nazi shout-out, “Sieg Heil!” (hail victory). Lord was reacting in a fashion often familiar to hard-right wingers to a Twitter antagonist who took issue with him. Lord quickly deleted the Tweet, but as everyone who has graduated third grade knows, once you blurt out a tweet it lives forever. That Lord would choose a Nazi salute to diss his tormentor publicly is just one more example of the poor man’s intellectual disorder.

Jeffrey Lord – an early Trump supporter and sycophant – was added to the AC360 talking-head lineup in yet another of cable TV’s ill-advised attempts to add “balance” to the slate. This is never a good thing. Panelists should come to the table with bona-fide reputations for intelligence, integrity and honesty – and their political persuasions should weigh very little in their recruitment. When a left-leaning show like AC360 brings on a righty to mix in with the cadre of liberals the audience doesn’t smell balance – they see craven tokenism.

In the case of AC360, Lord played the punching bag every night – and deservedly so. His comments and analysis were routinely ridiculous to the point of risibility. A common defense of Trump or someone in the administration would be to point out how some democrat in years gone by had done the same thing. Lord would make nonsensical analogies that often made his own case worse.

Jeffrey Lord was an embarrassment – yet he maintained his perch at Anderson Pooper’s table precisely to be the embarrassing foil for the rest of the gang. I’m sure CNN was upset with the “Sieg Hiel” tweet not because of its caustic meaning but because they’ll now have to scrounge up another nitwit to wear the token dunce cap.

After all, that CNN kept Lord in the line-up after the so many times Cooper lost his shit is prima facie evidence of their satisfaction with Jeffrey’s useful idiocy.

Battle of Inchon? I’ll look for it in the App store.

In a recent test of 1,746 adults who were shown an unlabeled map of Asia, only 36 percent could point out North Korea. The only thing I find surprising about this is that there were that many correct answers. Americans are a lazy bunch who find solace – even pride – in ignorance about anything other than pop culture.

It’s particularly troubling that the U.S. and North Korea are casually throwing around threats to fling nukes at each other, yet the level of angst in this country seems comfortably low. Perhaps it’s because the last time things got so heated was in 1962 during the Cuba Missile Crisis – well before the majority of Americans (and their parents) were born – that there’s so little concern. Few people alive today have any direct experience with nuclear saber-rattling.

I suspect most Americans are oblivious to the back story of the animus between the U.S. and North Korea, and how we came to be mortal enemies.

I’m sure most Americans have virtually no understanding of the Korean War – and I would bet no more than 36 percent of adults could identify the century in which it was fought. And yet we’re possibly stumbling toward a conflagration with an adversary that could devastate Seoul, Guam, Tokyo, Hawaii and potentially a big city on the West Coast.

This week I reread the story about the Battle at Inchon and was reminded of how close the North came to overrunning the entire Korean peninsula – which might have triggered the use of nuclear weapons less than a decade after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Watch this old-time reel and see if you learn anything new.

End Note

This is Major Terata’s 300th blog post.

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