Make it Snappy, Texas


Texas has experienced a whirlwind of sovereignty in its 600 year history starting out as a territory of Spain, then of France and later Mexico, then as a separate country known as the Republic of Texas, followed by entry into the United States of America (1845) and a subsequent exit to join the short-lived Confederate States of America (1861), and finally re-entry into the US of A in 1865 where they have bided their time, stewing until the opportune moment arrives when they will bolt once again. It’s not called the Lone Star State for nothing – these people harbor smoldering grievance over what they consider the looting of their wealth by the Federal government. Here is the rationale for secession as explained on the Texas Secede website.

In many ways. Over the past century-and-a-half the United States government has awarded itself ever more power (but not the lawful authority) to meddle with the lives, liberty, and property of the People of Texas (as well as those of the other States).

Sapping Texans’ wealth into a myriad of bureaucratic, socialist schemes both in the U.S. and abroad, the bipartisan despots in Washington persist in expanding the federal debt and budget deficits every year. Texans would indeed gain much by reclaiming control of their State, their property, their liberty, and their very lives, by refusing to participate further in the fraud perpetrated by the Washington politicians and bureaucrats.

By restoring Texas to an independent republic, Texans would truly reclaim a treasure for themselves and their progeny.

Lately the fervor in Texas for an exit strategy has increased. For example, the Washington Post reported in June that “a secession bill won overwhelming support from the mock legislature in Texas Boys State, the American Legion’s summer program where youth leaders create and run their own government.” This was the first time since the Boys State (which is kind of like the Model UN) was founded 80 years ago that one of its chapters voted to bolt the union.

This came a couple months after the Texas Republican Party was almost forced to vote on putting pro-secession language in its platform after the demand fell just two votes short. Tanya Robertson, a Texas State Senator and avid proponent for secession said “there’s been a big groundswell of Texans that are getting into the Texas independence issue. I believe conservatives in Texas should have a choice to voice their opinion.”

She also told the Houston Chronicle that the big reason Texas should leave the US is the overall dissatisfaction with politicians in Washington D.C. and dismay with federal spending.

And therein lies the irony, for Ms. Robertson represents parts of Harris County and Galveston – recent victims of Hurricane Harvey.

What’s an ungrateful secessionist to do when her state is devastated by a monster hurricane like Harvey and needs to slurp up $100 billion from the bad old Federal government – besides contend for Hypocrite of the Century Award? Will she be able to get over the dismay of accepting federal spending? My guess is she’ll take the money -and the credit – and be sure to remember to vote against aid to other states that suffer similarly in the future.

Residing in New York – one of the most highly-taxed states among the 50 (for now) – I only wish Texas had seceded before the Harvey devastation occurred.

Then they could get on line behind Bangladesh, Angola, South Sudan and all the other sovereign nations begging for clean water and a bag of rice.

Unpredictable or Just Tragically Non-strategic?
Trump shoulders the white man’s burden.

Kim Jong-Un continues to emanate his noxious farts across the Pacific Rim, taunting his biggest enemy the United States with threats to nuke a major city or reduce Guam to a rock pile. And with each salvo, the Washington intelligentsia wrings its tiny hands. What does Un want? What can we do? Have we run out of road to kick a can down? Is “Fire and Fury” an ultimatum or the next Vin Diesel movie?

The analysts at Major Terata have mostly figured it out. Mr. Un wants to reunify the Korean peninsula to avenge his father’s defeat at the hands of the Yankees in ’53. And His Portliness plans to do it once he’s confident no one will stop him. He doesn’t want to turn LA or Chicago into a smoldering miasma of radioactive dust and steam. He doesn’t want to be left alone. He certainly doesn’t give a shit about handouts of food and oil.

China’s not going to do anything constructive, and no bullying from Trump is going to change that. The Un-ster is biding his time, puffing up his assault weapons, waiting for the day the US withdraws the 30,000 military personnel from Seoul – then he invades. And what can anyone do about it? Is the US going to risk the loss of San Francisco to save Taejon?

In view of this gloomy outlook, Trump seems intent on fucking up the situation even more.

He parades around boasting of his unpredictability, head-faking his opponents into submission. But he’s really a strategic simpleton. Consider this buffoonery:

  • He threatens to shut down all commerce with any country that does business with North Korea -which essentially means China, a trading partner that does hundreds of billions with the US. The goal? Shut off NK’s supply of oil. Last time someone did that to a country, that country attacked Pearl Harbor and introduced America to WWII. In other words, Trump seems bent on delivering a double-patty shit sandwich of a Great Depression and World War III.
  • Trump continues to excoriate the Iran nuclear deal even though all evidence suggests the plan is working. Iran is not violating the deal, yet Mr. Orange demands his team fabricate a reason for the US to withdraw. Why? Because to do otherwise would amount to an admission that Obama had gotten it right. In the meantime, Trump sends a message to Kim Jong-Un that the US doesn’t abide by its deals – thus shutting down any avenue for a negotiation.
  • Who among the Pacific Rim countries does the US need most to stay cool in the face of intimidation? How about South Korea whose citizens share a border with the Hermit Nation and who would be quickly devastated should a provoked Un decide to push the button down. So what does unpredictable Trump do? He calls out the South Korean government as “appeasers” and threatens to blow up a significant bi-lateral trade deal. If that’s not non-strategic I don’t know what is.

And then he tweets this out!


Paul Newman’s Rolex


A rare Rolex Daytona watch given to Paul Newman by his actress wife Joann Woodward is set to go to auction on October 26. Auction house Phillips in New York whispered a target price of $10 million. That buys a lot of Casios. In fact, you could probably buy the whole Casio watch factory for that sum. But the Newman Rolex is in a class by itself.

The watch is stunning by itself; but add in the Newman effect – engraved with a loving phrase from Joann, featured in several photos upon Paul’s wrist, worn in top class auto races – and you have an auctioneer’s wet dream.

Prediction: the watch goes for north of $15 mil.

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