An Empty Head Opines on an Empty Barrel

Are the assholes in the Trump administration ever going to conduct a modicum of due diligence before they plod along and once again spew out provably false assertions? These miscreants who bark “fake news” at anything that doesn’t comport to their skewed view of the world are in fact the biggest purveyors of all that is fake. And they are so inept that it takes but mere minutes for anyone with an internet connection to refute their falsehoods.

C’mon, alternative facters – try harder!

And still, even when caught red-handed and flat-footed, the shills in the White House comms department brazenly proceed in support of the falsehoods, doubling down in the hopes that listeners’ heads will explode, thus halting inconvenient inquiry. Presumably, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her ilk check their souls at the door when they punch the clock.

John Kelly, head of the Department of Homeland Security for 6 whole months before coming to Trump’s aid following the White House staff purge that swept away then Chief of Staff Reince Pubis, made an unusual appearance at a press briefing the other day to detail one of Trump’s condolence calls to the wife of a slain soldier.

He talked about honor and such stuff before railing on an unnamed “empty barrel” of a congresswoman for listening in on Trump’s condolence call to the wife of Sgt. La David Johnson who was killed in action in Niger – a tragedy that may be traceable back to Trump’s decision to bar travel from Chad, a one-time African nation partner in the war against terrorism that quit working with the U.S. following that executive order.

Kelly “recalled” some egotistical behavior on the part of the empty barrel – aka. Representative Frederica Wilson – in which said barrel got up in front of the audience at the 2015 dedication of a new FBI building to brag about bringing home some $20 million worth of bacon. He “recalled” how she took credit for twisting Obama’s arm for the money and then sat down. Kelly was “stunned” by Frederica the Empty Barrel’s “stunning” stunt.

Nevermind that Wilson wasn’t even in Congress when the funds for the building were appropriated (nice research, Kelly staff). Then the video (there’s always a video, Kelly staff) came out and guess what? What Kelly “recalled” about the Empty Barrel’s speech that day bore no resemblance to the facts revealed in the video tape.

In short, Kelly fabricated some shit which was easily and quickly proven to be fabricated shit. Why does the Trump clan continue to do this?

Presumably the price to pay for being within the Orbit of Orange is the devastation of your reputation for once being an honest human being. That doesn’t seem remotely close to a fair bargain – yet the sycophants continue to grovel for the jobs.

Such a sad state in which we live today.

Watch White House shill Sarah Huckabee Sanders squirm when confronted with the truth.

A Deficit of Deficit Tweets

Barely a month into his presidency, Trump was taking credit for some good news. It was February 25th and the Orange Man tweeted this missive:


Then on October 20, the Treasury Department issued some news that Trump seemed less eager to take credit for.


According to the NewYork Times, “The United States has recorded its largest annual budget deficit in four years, highlighting the nation’s worsening fiscal trajectory as lawmakers consider a $1.5 trillion tax cut. A Treasury Department report released on Friday showed that the budget deficit for fiscal 2017 grew by $80 billion, to $666 billion, as federal spending eclipsed revenues and economic growth remained tepid. The deficit also edged higher as a share of the economy, rising to 3.5 percent of gross domestic product from 3.2 percent last year.”

Although the news was troubling, you might still see Trump spin it into more evidence of how he’s beating Obama: “Best deficit EVER!”

35 Years in the Coal Mine for a Sofa and End Table


Intellectual giants like Sarah Palin once derided Obama for using a teleprompter – but at least the guy could read.

Addressing the audience at the recent Values Voter Summit, Trump delivered a speech from the teleprompter and waxed poetic about how mothers and fathers sacrifice every day for the “furniture” of their children.

Fake news, you say? Read the transcript at the official White House website.

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