Zip for Brains

In a new TV ad from ZipRecuiter, we learn – according to the title of the spot – that “the smartest way to hire” is to engage the vaunted online head-hunting firm . . . and to conduct employment interviews with women candidates in a sports bar. Perhaps this venue allows the recruiter to test the applicant’s capacity for downing tequila shots, or her ability to detect the presence of a roofie in a Cosmo. (Note that the big interview takes place when the entire bar is empty with the presumed exception of a randy barback.)

I predict the geniuses at ZipRecruiter have a follow-up spot that takes place in a Hooters, and they got the Cos to be the spokesman. “Hey hey hey – welcome to UnzipRecruiter. Have a drink – but stir it first.”

C’mon, Zip. If your ad agency is this stupid at least instruct your marketing department to pay attention to the headlines.

Less Than Zero

During an off-the-cuff encounter over immigration with the press yesterday, Trump said this about his sacred wall: “I’m going to build it way under budget, but we’re putting down $25 billion for the wall … we will build it way under.”

That’s gonna be a tough claim to meet, given that Trump reminded Americans repeatedly the budget for the beautiful wall would be all of zero.

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