They Fell for the Con-Man

tenorFlame-throwing maniac Ann Coulter, Inforwars’ crazy-man Alex Jones, talk radio’s Michael “Savage” Wiener and Fox TV’s Fucker Carlson are among many right-wingers who are newly pissed at Trump for bombing Syria. It seems they took the patently obvious con-man for a principled leader.

They apparently believed Trump when he bloviated about the foolishness of intervening in Middle East fiascos and ill-conceived nation building. They reveled in his direct attacks on Obama for being a clueless “leader” at a time when Trump was just a grating private citizen. They adored shit like this:


Now that Trump has fully flipped and made good on his telegraphed threat to bomb Syria, the hard right expresses shock and dismay that the Very Stable Genius has reneged on stuff he said over and over, discovering that it all just amounted to armchair conversation.

Alex Jones went on a hilarious, batshit rant, slamming his desk and spouting “fuck Trump” and (horrors) “fuck his family!”

Others stuck to Twitter to express their dismay at Trump’s treachery – even suggesting the Syrian government was not responsible for the chemical weapon attack.


Sadly, the real fools in all of this are the Ann Coulters, Alex Joneses, Laura Ingrahams and countless lesser known right-wingers who should have known better. It’s like they ordered the grilled shit sandwich and then recoiled when the waiter brought them a piece of shit between two slices of bread. You really can’t complain about getting a shit sandwich when you order a shit sandwich.

C’mon guys. You must have read Art of the Deal where Trump wrote about his use of “truthful hyperbole” – which most people call lying. You must have heard about his bankruptcies, his serial adultery, his non-payment to contractors, his tax evasion. The man is a consummate prevaricator.

He was going to focus on “making America great again” and “America First” to such an extent that he’d have no time to play golf – or even leave Washington. Right. Consider just this one grotesque account from a devastating timeline in New York Magazine:

“Trump jets to Mar-a-Lago via Air Force One at a cost to taxpayers of $142,380 per hour. For years, Trump heckled President Obama for taking vacations and golfing trips at government expense. If elected, he vowed, he would “rarely leave the White House, because there’s so much work to be done.” In fact, during his first three months in office, Trump’s taxpayer-funded flights to his private properties exceeded $20 million — on track to quickly surpass the amount Obama spent on travel during his eight years in office. Trump made more than 90 visits to his golf courses and played almost twice as much golf as Obama. His family joined in, requiring Secret Service agents to rack up an extra 4,054 days of taxpayer-funded travel to keep up.”

Trump was going to tear up trade agreements, torpedo the Iran nuclear deal, drain the swamp, hire the best people. He was going to repeal and replace Obamacare with “health care that is far less expensive and far better,” and that the whole thing would be done “essentially simultaneously … the same day or the same week … could be the same hour.”

And don’t forget Trump University.

But more than any other promise, Trump was going to build a beautiful wall on the Southern border to keep out rapists and drugs. It was his favorite go-to applause line on the campaign trail. And lest we forget, Mexico would pay for it “one hundred percent.” One week into his presidency, Trump admitted full tilt to Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto that it was all for show – something any eighth grader (let alone a professional political pundit) should have known all along. Trump told Peña Nieto that the wall was “the least important thing we are talking about.”

Trump’s back-down from building the wall was the last straw for Coulter – her shit sandwich, so to speak. Once Trump’s earliest and biggest cheerleader, she now calls him “a shallow, lazy ignoramus,” adding, “he’s not giving us what he promised at every single campaign stop.” Duh.

In a revealing interview with the New York Times, Coulter explained that she’s done with Trump. She’s one of a growing cadre of “Former Trumpers” as she calls them; one-time supporters who are now disillusioned with him.

Disillusioned that a fully-documented con-man let them down.

I would call it deluded instead.

Memo to Starbucks: Coffee is Black

Latest libation from Starbucks: Venti Soverchieria with a Double Shot of Razzismo. Delivered personally by the CEO. List price $50 million (according to some lawyers.)

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