The Ole Grip ‘n Grin

Trump exchanges palm sweat with Mohammad bin Shithead, chief Middle East assassin better known as MBS

Saudi Arabia – our bestest friend who sells us oil at inflated prices in return for letting us defend them and their retrograde society – just murdered an uppity journalist. Our amoral transactionalist Trump blew some smoke out his ass about the likelihood that some rogue element was to blame – perhaps that same 400 pound guy sitting on his bed who hacked into Democratic email servers.

Although Iran is a bad actor deserving of punishment, they are in no way alone in the Middle East as a top exporter of terrorism. That dubious crown really belongs to the Medieval Saudis who engineered 9/11, cane dissenters, ban movies and booze, and use US armaments to fuck up those they dislike in their region, including their Yemeni neighbors whom they seem bent on annihilating.

Still, Trump, following in the footsteps of his maligned Bush predecessors embraces the nepotists in the desert. Delicate boy Jared Kushner likes them. For all we know, Jared and MBS do the Arab sword dance with their cocks. And that’s good enough for the Orange Man.

The optics of the so-called leader of the free world apologizing on behalf of Saudi Arabia are dismal, especially when the evidence of the Saudi’s nefarious activity is overwhelming. But as is often the case with Teflon Trump, whataboutism will mostly insulate him from the world’s opprobrium.

After all, haven’t we seen enough feckless behavior exhibited when advocates of democracy meet autocrats?

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