False False Flag

Psycho Sayoc attends the largest inauguration since God was elected God.

Hard to believe, but the asshole sending flaccid explosive devices to enemies of the right (Obama, Clinton, Biden, Maxine Waters, the sucking CNN … What? No love/hate for the failing New York Times?) was none other than the type of miscreant everyone expected: a deluded right-wing Floridian and female impersonator known as Cesar Sayoc, aka. the MAGABomber. MAGABomber – kinda like that.

Sayoc is a law and order guy railing against immigrants who happens to have been arrested several times and has a Filipino father.

I have to admit though, given the blatant obviousness of the targets combined with the apparent inability of the pipe-bombs to actually cause damage, I was just a smidgen skeptical that the perpetrator might have instead been a deluded left-winger trying to frame Trump’s deplorables.

No less conservative icons than Ann Coulter and Lush Limbaugh raised the possibility of a “false flag” situation – the notion that a partisan will attack his own kind in an attempt to engender hatred for the other side while garnering sympathy for his cause. Watch Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest” for an illustration of the concept.

Everyone in the non-Foxy world of commentary held the “false flag” explanation in disdain. But until they nailed Sayoc, I wasn’t ruling it out.

One week after the surprise attacks on September 11, 2001, when Americans were still in shock that such a wide-spread assault was possible, more mayhem emerged in the form of anthrax-infused letters delivered to news offices and to two Democratic Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. That despicable insult added another five people to the list of the dead and 17 others suffered the poisonous effects.

Naturally, everyone assumed the anthrax attacks were a part of the overall terrorist plot led primarily by Saudi Arabians to disrupt the U.S.

The Chicago Tribune among other reputable news outlets reported that at least one of the 9/11 hijackers had visited a doctor for what was later considered a case of cutaneous anthrax – that is, a skin lesion caused by contact with anthrax spores. Other papers cited people who had recalled seeing 9/11 mastermind Mohammad Atta prior to the attacks with reddened hands – additional speculation that the attackers had messed around with anthrax with the intention to inflict more chaos.

Appealing to Occam’s Razor, the consensus among most people was that the spate of anthrax attacks through the mail was the work of a cell of terrorists aligned with the 9/11 plotters.

It wasn’t until 2005 that the FBI trained their attention on a home-grown scientist named Bruce Ivins who as a researcher at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases had access to weaponized anthrax similar to that found in the letters of 2001. A complex distillation of anthrax that would have been nearly impossible for a bunch of Arab imbeciles to fabricate on their own.

First class false flagger Ivins dressed for some funerals

As the FBI closed in on Ivins, the good doctor took his life – a full seven years after he committed the heinous act. And why had Ivins done the deed? The theory is that he wanted to fabricate a biological attack to illustrate America’s vulnerability and the need for ongoing support of his research unit.

False flag? Hell yeah. Apparently, Ivins wanted to justify funding for bio-terror research by committing bio-terror. Didn’t work out quite as planned.

Eff the Saudi’s

Does this person deserve less attention than beaten and dismembered journalist and victim of the medieval Saudi regime, Jamal Khashoggi?


No fan of Iran, but what the fuck is America doing by pushing the Persians to the brink of madness while sucking the kneecaps of the Saudi royals? This cult of a few thousand insanely rich intermarried Arabs – with the armed support of the U.S. – are in the process of annihilating the Yemeni’s to their south.

If there were an anti-Nobel Peace Prize, Mohammad bin Sultan would be the top contender – and Jared Kushner would be there prostrate on all fours where his buddy MBS could stand and deliver his acceptance speech.

UBS needs to polish its crystal ball

On Sept 26, UBS’s John Roy upgraded IBM to Buy and raised his price target by $20 to $180. With the stock at $119 a month later, I wonder what other future prognosticated gems Carnak Roy will bestow upon us lesser mortals?


And a better question: what soporifics are the members of the IBM Board ingesting so as to sleepwalk through the decimation of a Dow Industrial stock that trades today the same as it did at the end of last century.

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