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Murkowski: Better than Impeachment

Flip these three and the game is over for Trump. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski joined the crowd the other day to bust Trump’s balls on Twitter about Orange-man’s infantile tweets against MSNBC super-flyweights Joe Scarborough and Mika (soon to be … Continue reading

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O Christie, Where Art Thou?

Portly Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and hopelessly deluded presidential candidate, bashed Marco Rubio at the recent Republican debate for being inexperienced and overly scripted. To drive the point home and pimp his own cred in the process, Christie … Continue reading

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Delusion 2016

Republicans seeking election to the Presidency in 2016 may soon outnumber the condiment varieties offered by Heinz. And although several are clearly unelectable (Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum), two in particular strike me as completely bat-shit delusional: Carly Fiorina … Continue reading

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People Do the Darnedest Things

Some people strive so hard to establish and maintain a certain persona for themselves or the countries they lead, only to do the darnedest things that nullify it all. Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has wanted to be the President of … Continue reading

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