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A High-Tech Game of Leapfrog

The world’s fastest computer in 2002; it now fits in your hand where it can crush candy. In a high-tech game of leapfrog, makers of the world’s fastest supercomputers (and their countries of origin) compete to assemble the machine that … Continue reading

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Virgil, quick, come see, there goes Robert E. Lee

After a portly subhuman with a bad haircut named James Alex Fields plowed his car into a crowd of people in Charlottesville killing one and injuring more than a dozen, some observers likened the attack to the ISIS tactic for … Continue reading

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IBM: Dow and Out?

What is the life span of a stock in “dog-of-the-Dow” years? It’s been a rather bad month for IBM. Since announcing 1Q 2017 earnings in early April, the stock is down over 20 points to $150 a share – a … Continue reading

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Sam Palmisano: Dark Lord of Wealth Destruction

A couple years before he left IBM in 2012 to ponder the many ways he might spend his $100M+ retirement compensation package, Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano laid down a bold prediction (guarantee, actually, ala. Joe Namath before Super Bowl … Continue reading

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Have You or a Loved One Been Injured?

A staple of cable television advertising is the legal profession’s call to action for viewers suffering from the side-effects of popular drugs and common surgical procedures to rise up and get litigious. Mesothelioma has long been a stalwart malady for … Continue reading

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