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Trump’s ISIS Head-fake

Remember Tora Bora? Until the other day it hadn’t been in the news for years, so it’s completely understandable if someone born after 1996 thinks Tora Bora is a tiki bar drink served in a coconut carved in the shape … Continue reading

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This Week in Depravity

Virtually every day of the week some atrocity is committed by Islamic fanatics somewhere in the world. (See the table at the bottom of the blog for a summary of the past 30 days.) The mindless death and destruction is … Continue reading

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Hooking Up: Tinder vs. ISIS

In a recent Vanity Fair article titled Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse” , reporter Nancy Jo Sales quotes a research scientist at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction thus: “There have been … Continue reading

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The Art of Destroying Art

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” George Bernard Shaw. Undeterred by opposition and strident in their belief that God wants them to commit wanton and mindless mass murder, the lunatics who comprise ISIS have used … Continue reading

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Lesson from Vietnam: 105 Degrees in the Caliphate and Rising

Rory Kennedy’s “Last Days in Vietnam,” like so many excellent historical documentaries (think “The Fog of War” and “Harlan County, USA”) clarifies context and reveals critical details that often elude the cursory treatment offered in high-school and college curricula from … Continue reading

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