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Those Who Can’t Do Preach

Ivanka Trump, no doubt with extensive help from one or more ghostwriters, released a new book titled “Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success” – and the response has been either stellar or vicious depending on whether the reader … Continue reading

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The Berry Doesn’t Fall Far From the Dingle

Jesse Watters, smirky understudy to former Fox miscreant Bill O’Reilly stepped on his own dick the other day by proffering very ill-timed innuendo about Ivanka Trump’s skill at holding a phallic microphone. Ill-timed because the last thing Fox needs now … Continue reading

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Recount Blues for the Orange Man

Are you ready for more of this? Jill Stein and her Green group want to force a recount of the votes cast in Wisconsin, Michigan and maybe Pennsylvania where the gap separating Clinton and Trump is miniscule. And after a … Continue reading

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