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This Week Through the Looking Glass

Alice encounters Tweedle Paul and Tweedle Ryan Many people in the past several days have made pretzel-logic comments worthy of Lewis Carroll. Here is a sampling. Sarah Huckabee Sanders During a press conference in which the main topic was Trump’s … Continue reading

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On Broadway: China Dull

After suffering through 100 minutes of David Mamet’s latest bomb, “China Doll” starring Al Pacino through January 31st (if it makes it that far), I’ve concluded Mamet is washed up as a playwright. Maybe he was born a hack writer … Continue reading

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Martin Shkreli: Smug Face of Wanton Greed

To label Martin Shkreli a douche-bag would be an affront – to douche-bags. Shkreli is the supposed wunderkind who founded the drug company Turing Pharmaceuticals earlier this year with a business model for buying up rights to older, specialty medicines … Continue reading

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